To make something energy efficient is to reduce the amount of energy used to operate or provide services. Energy efficient homes have a much smaller impact on the economy and are also very helpful in saving the homeowner money. As a homeowner there are many ways to make your home energy efficient. Whether you make big changes or small changes there are many simple ways to lower costs without giving up comforts. You can feel good about these changes because you are doing something to help your environment as well as help yourself. Below are 5 suggestions to make your home more energy efficient.

1. Install Double Glazed windows or Seal Existing Windows

If you are in the market for new windows and trying to find ways to conserve energy double glazed windows are a very efficient option. A double-glazed window is simply a two pane window with a sealed pocket of air in between. These windows not only reduce the loss and gain of heat depending on the season, but they also act as a great sound barrier. Maybe you are happy with the windows you already have and don’t want to change them. In this case just exam windows and frames closely for any air leaks or drafts. You can purchase weather stripping for a very reasonable price to seal off any air drafts. Caulk can also be added to any cracks or creases around the frame and shrink film can be placed on the windows to help keep drafts at bay.

2. Get A Programmable Thermostat

Lowering your thermostat when you are not home can and will save you a ton of money and energy. Installing a programmable thermostat will allow you to control the thermostat at times when you are not at home to physically do it. For example, if you work an 8 hour day you may be able to set the thermostat at a lower temperature when you leave, however a programmable one will allow you to program it to change to the temperature you prefer so that the house is comfortable when you come home.

3. Purchase Energy star appliances

Fill your home with energy star appliances. Energy star appliances are marked with a star that represents that they are certified by the EPA as meeting energy efficient specifications. These appliances may come with a bit of a higher price tag than others that aren’t certified however they will save you money in the long run.

4. Change your light bulbs

Change all your household light bulbs to either halogen or LED bulbs. These bulbs last longer and are more energy efficient than the old incandescent bulbs we have been using for years. An average home uses 40 light bulbs. Changing that many bulbs out will use less energy and save you money.

5. Install Solar Panels and Solar Wind Spinners

Switching to solar power as much as possible is another great way to make your home more energy efficient. Solar panels can heat hot water and generate electricity for houses. They are generally installed on the roof of a home and are a source of electricity outside of you your general electric company. They are not cheap to install but as with many other energy saving methods they will pay off in the long run. There are many other solar powered items on the market that can help make your home more energy efficient as well. Solar Wind Spinners are decorative spinners that you place in your garden or around your outside path,  read the full guide how to choose solar wind spinner. The solar powered bulb in the center of the spinner draws energy from the sun during the day and becomes a natural light source during the night. There are many other solar powered lights on the market as well that can be a great source of light in your yard.

You may not be able to turn every inch of your home into a money saving, energy efficient dwelling overnight. However, little by little, over time you can make improvements such as the suggestions listed above to change your home. These changes are not only beneficial to you as a homeowner, but they also help the environment.