Coliving, for everyone, is a very easy style of living. But for some persons, coliving is not so good because they are facing certain problems. Now, what problems can colivers have, and how can we avoid or eliminate them once and for all?

You know it – different personalities, different cultures, different eating habits, different daily routines, different opinions, different lifestyles, and much more.

All of these can create a problem situation and put you in a bizarre position. In a position to argue, be angry, have negative energy, fight, etc. In all these, the only question in your head is: “How can I deal with my Coliving problems once and for all?”

The answer is actually simple.

Here, you can find a few tips on how to avoid these situations.

Entrance interview

The first thing you can do to avoid any coliving problems in the future is the entrance interview. Know the people with whom you will live before you start living with them. Create a list of questions that are important to you.

There can be plenty of questions, like “Are there some pets in the household?” “How often do you throw night parties?” “When usually do the people here sleep?” “What work do the people who live here do?” “What are the most important rules of this household?” etc.

The entrance interview will open the door to the household you want to live in, and you will get the necessary pieces of information that can help you make the final decision.

Create a schedule time-sheet

If you are already IN and living in some coliving space with someone else, the essential thing that can help to get rid of your coliving problems once and for all is a schedule time-sheet. It can be a simple big paper or board where the main household information will be written.

There can be, for example, the time plan of each coliver – when he can use a bathroom, the kitchen, or when he/she needs an alone time when nobody should disturb him or something like that.

Also, there can be a summary of the cleaning shifts, together with food and who will go to buy it, and when, etc. Everything important for the entire coliving space can be written on this board.

Be more tolerant

This is important because, as we told you in the first words of this article, a different person means different personalities. Tolerance is very important because every person has some trait which is holy for him.

Be tolerant of your coliver, and he will be tolerant of you too.

Don’t tell your coliver that he is doing something wrong, don’t argue with him about his belief system or tell him about his routines, and don’t ignore him if he requires more understanding from you.

Tolerance is critical in coliving spaces in New York City, where in one household can live more people from various countries and diverse cultures than in any other city.

Fees and penalty in the household

A proven thing is using a Fees and Penalty sheet in coliving spaces.

This is very simple. If somebody breaks a rule, which was previously discussed and agreed on, he/she will pay some money penalty.

Your household can use this money for the whole coliving system, like to buy some detergents or something that can be used by everybody. The fees and penalties can be for anything that you all agreed before.

For example, it can be 20 cents for each vulgar word. One dollar if a bathroom rule is broken. Five dollars if someone disrupts a night’s peace, etc.

This “police system” can be very useful and can help every person in the coliving space to be vigilant and follow the rules. Try it.

Define the main problem and communicate more

If there are some severe problems, nothing beats proper communication. Discuss your issue with your colivers and try to find the best solution for everyone. It is imperative and necessary because if you stop communicating, even the little problems can create a bigger one, which can be harder to beat.

The best thing is to hold some coliving meetings each week and discuss every problem that may exist between colivers or in the coliving space. The result of this meeting should be finding the right solutions.

If you apply this set of advice in your coliving space, you can get rid of your coliving problems once and for all, and what is more important is you will live happier with more calmness and better symbiosis with one another. Try some of this guidance and see if something changes.