Because many drivers don’t deal with police altercations on a regular basis, they aren’t sure what their rights are when it comes to being pulled over. When you see the flashing lights behind you and realize you are about to be given a traffic ticket, you should know what the police can and can’t do without violating your rights.

  1. Stop You for No Reason
    The officer must have probable cause for pulling you over. This means that they must tell you right away why you have been pulled over. Officers must have a reason for pulling you over, and you have a right to immediately know what that is. Probable cause may include speeding, a broken taillight or an expired license, but they must inform you why you are being stopped.
  1. Require You to Speak
    You have the right to not incriminate yourself, and sometimes silence is the best option before you speak to your traffic ticket attorney San Francisco. When speaking to an officer, you always have the right to remain silent. This protects you from giving information that may hurt your case in the future.
  1. Prohibit You from Filming
    Many officers throughout the country are required to wear body cameras, and you also have the right to film any interaction with the police. It is completely legal to film a traffic stop to provide proof of how the interaction went down when you go to court.
  1. Force You to Take a Breathalyzer
    Some states have implied consent laws, which means that when you got your license, you gave consent to take a breathalyzer test when you are pulled over. In some cases, remember that you are not being ordered to take one, but simply asked by the officer.
  1. Search Your Vehicle
    When an officer asks if they can look inside your vehicle, you have the right to say no. if you have something illegal in an obvious place, you have been arrested or you have given consent, then the officer can search your vehicle. Otherwise, you have no obligations.
    If you have been issued a traffic citation and want to fight it or are concerned you were treated unfairly, contact a traffic ticket lawyer at The Ticket Clinic today.