If you are a coffee lover, you might have spent a good amount at buying coffee from the coffee shops. Moreover, have you ever imagined about the extra calories that you get when you a buy coffee from a coffee bar?

Well, I’m not asking you to quit the coffee lover, but you can get these waste of money and flow of excessive calories controlled. You know when you order a light coffee, you are getting about 300 extra calories that you could have avoided if you would have an espresso machine at home. If you are not good at shopping, then we have some tips for buying an espresso machine. You can check them out here:

Know the Type of Espresso Machine You Need

Before you even plan to buy, you must know what type of espresso machine you want to buy for you. Usually, you can find four different type of machines, i.e., Manual, Semi auto, fully auto and super automatic espresso machines.

Now if you don’t have any experience of making and brewing coffee, then the best machine for you will be semi or fully automatic espresso machine. However, if you want to have complete control over the quality, then you must choose manual espresso machine.

Why and When to Select Automatic and Semi-Automatic

Super automatic espresso machines are quite popular in Europe. People who are new and don’t have time or experience of making coffee they prefer to have an automatic or semi-automatic espresso machine.

Automatic and semi-automatic coffee machines are popular among the coffee lovers all over the world. The reason is that it gives you a little control over quality and you can get a cup of coffee without any hassle.

However, again, a true coffee lover will never get satisfied with the quality of coffee produced by a semi-automatic or automatic coffee machine. He will always prefer the manual espresso machine over auto or semi-automatic machines.

Check out the Prices

When you visit some online store to check out different espresso machines, you will see a reasonable price range. So before you go out to buy an espresso machine for you, you must set a budget in your mind.

If you don’t set the budget, the more chances are that you will be impressed by some fancy design, brand name or even by the salesperson making an impressive sales speech.

Once you have the price in your mind, make a list of the features you can ignore while buying the espresso machine because machines with higher prices come with incredible features and as the price is reduced, you have to forgo some of the features.

Prefer Quality over Economy

One thing you must keep in mind that you were not buying the espresso machine to fill up space in your kitchen and to show off, but you are buying the machine because you love to have a cup of coffee. So buying a machine which doesn’t guarantee a quality cup of coffee but is cheap will be a total waste. For a coffee lover, the quality of the coffee matters more than economy. So it’s a good idea to prefer quality over economy.

Well, these are simple tips you must keep in mind so that you may buy the best espresso machine for you and you may not waste your money daily on buying a cup of coffee loaded with calories.