Imagine working all night long on your important data. It could be your homework, assignment or some office work that your boss or teacher pressurized for his or her relief. You somehow completed it ruining your whole weekend, and unfortunately for some reason, it’s all cleared from your device. All you would want to do at the moment would be nothing but suicide because you were given the deadline and you weren’t responsible.

The same moment you’ll realize you should’ve saved that earlier.  This should have not been happening or you might be seeing a nightmare and according to a survey by Back Blaze the backup data technique has been used by the users which increase from 65% (2018) to 76% in 2018, yet around 43% user still rely on yearly backups and then rely on data recovery service.

So that’s why here are some reasons which explain why you need to back up your data regularly:

Data Loss Prevention

The first and most important reason is data prevention. You can’t let the system crash or hard drive failure ruin your important data because such things happen in no time or reason, you will never be ready for it.

So daily data backup is necessary for such cases. Look at the situation from minor to the major scale. Students working on assignments or freelancers trying to complete the work before the deadline or an employee who doesn’t want to disappoint his boss might face failure and consider irresponsible person by others’ perceptions due to this problem.

Device Theft

What if you save your data daily, but unfortunately your unimportant device with some important data got stolen. This is one of the major reasons for data loss. So all you need is to be a little bit smarter and responsible by saving your data on cloud computing or keep second devices and give to someone whom you trust and consider responsible, where the data can be secured and you can retain it whenever you want. Many cases of device theft happened in the past years and still happening nowadays. People being a little bit irresponsible can cause them to lose their important data and such information that can’t be retained without backup.

Virus or Malware

Have you ever thought that the use of the internet can give viruses and malware to a device that can badly affect your data?.  Not only affect some viruses can copy your data and send it to anyone which you don’t want to happen. Furthermore, some viruses are discovered which erases all data or to make thing worst it could also change them. Erased data is something that is noticeable but edited data is unnoticeable sometimes which leads to misconception and misunderstanding. So you should always make sure to stall good antivirus software that could prevent viruses and keep your data safe and secure.

Physical Events

These are rare but dangerous too. Physical events like floods or fire which lead to the damage of your device and of course everything inside, that device which means a lot to you. At such moments the data is not important to you more than your life, right? But later on, somewhere at the moment in your life, you would wish to get that data back. Maybe it could be your memorial data which you never want to lose in your life. Companies suffer from such problems and when it occurs to a company, they lose all the data, all their clients, tax reports, etc. Such acts for them are non-returnable.

Waste of Time

Sometimes the data doesn’t mean to you anything but the time and hard work you spend on it means. And when that data erase from your device, you completely freak out. The time you spend on it and the hard work you did becomes a complete waste. And you have to do it all again which is nothing but depressing. Looking at the particular situation on a large scale, companies with tons and tons of work, value time so much. Even a second matters to them. They calculate the time for their task and assigned it accordingly and asking for some big reason, so if their previous data got removed the company might face bankruptcy due to some reason.

Sometimes in your life, you have to be a smart-worker, not a hard-worker. Because, if the hard work started to be considered more important than a donkey would’ve been considered to be the most useful animal. Smart-workers always keep their data backup. If you really want to be smart-worker than here are some tips for you:


  • You should always work on software where your data should be saved automatically, every 2 to 5 minutes.
  • You should have the habit of rechecking your device as it might contain any inappropriate files or software containing viruses or malware.
  • An antivirus should be downloaded from known resources that work properly.
  • Sometimes the data which you don’t want to share with anyone or you don’t want them to be leaked example photos or videos. Then you should keep them in a personal space in your mobile with a password which will make you the only key if you don’t share it.
  • Data should be saved regularly basis so it could be edited daily for productivity progress.
  • Old data like 5 to 6 years back data should be kept in a separate device because sometimes it could slow down the device or occupies major space in the device. And it can cause you the problem of saving the new data.
  • Most professionals say that the person should have the habit of saving data every other minute because you don’t know what might happen in the next second.

Importance of Data Backup

In today’s world of advancement, the majority of people use mobile phones and computers for search, perform and store data processes but the majority do not concentrate or ignore the value and importance of the data backup. There should always be an additional backup if the original data backups result in data corruption or hard drive failure. Tax authorities are well known for audits. They ask for previous financial and accounting data from companies. That’s the reason why companies are strict about data backup. They don’t take any chance for data loss.

And on a personal level, the loss of personal and private correspondence, documents and photographs could be destructive. A safer method of securing data these days is through the online backup. Files stored are safer and free from damage to the device.


The fact that time is money. And you don’t want to waste it. No one likes to waste their time and their hard work on a particular thing. It’s always ridiculous to do the whole work again and again just because of a small mistake you make, just a small act of irresponsible in your behavior can make you suffer.

Save your data whenever you feel it is not safe and secure, it is not a big deal. All you have to do is just press Ctrl+ s. That’s how easy it is but there’s is a lack of mass awareness for it. The fact that this is not a big deal to have a backup.