Different kits can be used for app development, and it is essential to pick the most effective one. At Bekey, we use Flutter for creating applications for Android and iOS because we know exactly why it is better than other similar toolkits. If you wish to find out why you need to hire a Flutter app developer, read the five reasons for making this framework your best choice.

About Flutter

It has been developed by Google to provide a solution for quicker, easier and more effective development of high-quality mobile applications. We use this SDK for building cross-platform applications (they can be used on devices powered by Android and iOS).

While its official release took place in 2018, a beta version of Flutter appeared in 2015. The popularity of the toolkit keeps increasing day by day, and below, you will find the five significant reasons to use Flutter for app development.

Five Reasons to Use Flutter for App Development

While there are plenty of advantages of Flutter compared to similar frameworks, we will give you the most significant five reasons to use it.

Reason #1 — Quick development

Thanks to this SDK, our developers save lots of time and energy. There is a single codebase, which means that we do not have to bother with creating codes for each of the application versions.

Reason #2 — Creating stunning designs

Flutter comes with a large range of built-in user interface components. There are two main widgets:

  • Material Design used for Android apps;
  • Cupertino used for iOS apps;

You can easily implement any widget of your choice on any of the platforms, and they will look the same on devices powered by Android and iOS. Moreover, Flutter offers a set of various themes for both operating systems. If you do not want an Android application and an iOS application look identical in colors, styles, and other features, just pick different themes.

Reason #3 — Making changes in seconds

It is one of the most significant reasons to use Flutter. Adding features, fixing bugs, and making other changes is only a matter of seconds now. There is also this hot-reload function that allows you to instantly rebuild a project.

Reason #4 — Plenty of packages

There is a large number of different packages, including those for opening images, sharing content, and more. All of them are suitable for both Android and iOS.

Reason #5 — The use of Dart

This programming language has been created by Google, and it is one of the best choices for both front-end and back-end engineering.