Keeping the underbody of your car clean is an important thing to do. Dirty underbody triggers a variety of problems such as corrosion. In this case, you need a powerful product such as underbody patina preserver while washing the vehicle, especially the bottom part. One of the best products you can use is Buzzweld U.P Underbody Preservation. Check the detail of this product below before applying it to your beloved car.

About Buzzweld U.P Underbody Preservation 

Buzzweld U.P is an underbody preservation product made of borosilicate glass, lacquer, and anti-corrosive properties. This is a powerful and effective product to protect a wet surface in which this is the part with low protection. A wet surface such as the underbody of a car can be easily covered by oils, waxes, and dirt. By using this product, you can cover the part and keep it clean and durable as well as lowering the corrosive risk.

The Advantages of Applying Buzzweld U.P Underbody Preservation

This underbody patina preserver has several advantages for your beloved vehicles. Let’s say, the product is made of the safe compounds so it doesn’t trigger any issues to the vehicle. So, you don’t need to worry to apply the product as long as you are following the instructions carefully. This product is also compatible with most materials and treatments. It doesn’t react to the paints so the product is not only safe for the underbody but also for the top body protection.

The essential compounds help the product flows between the spot welds. Those compounds are absorbed into the corrosion to reduce the moisture and air. Slowly but sure, the corrosion process is stopped because the moisture and air level is reduced. The treatment is cost and time effective where you can treat up to a 4×4 large area for about 2 hours. Then, you just need to wait for about 30 minutes until the surface is dry. After this simple treatment, the surface will be easy to treat and cleaner than before.

The Way to Apply Buzzweld U.P Underbody Preservation

The way to apply this product is easy and fast. You have to wash the vehicle underbody first. Then, you can apply the product. It is better to apply this preserver when the surface is still wet. The cleaner the underbody surface the better because it increases longevity. The performance of this product will be more effective and maximal if the surface is not covered by too many oils, dirt, flakey paint, and many more.

You can use a steam cleaner method, especially if you want to remove loose paint and contamination. Apply the compound by brush or spray. For a more comfortable treatment, you can use spray while applying the preserver on the surface. The surface is protected by the essential compounds around 6 to 36 months after the first treatment. It depends on where you drive the vehicle. If you often drive the vehicle to the dirty areas, it means you have to check the surface. If it looks too dirty, you can apply the preserver. If you drive the vehicle on the road, you may apply the underbody patina preserver to the surface after 36 months or if you think it is needed to do.