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With advancement in technology, experiential marketing has gained a lot of popularity and high exposure marketing media. When you think of experiential marketing vehicle tours, a lot of people get the idea of using an ice cream truck promotion, mobile billboards, but some companies take extreme measures in getting some serious attention. If you are looking for a good do it outdoors promotion, then you need professional drivers to complete fleet maintenance. But before going for that, you should know a few things about branded experience.

So, how do you choose the perfect experiential marketing vehicle? Well, whether you need a single market take over or an efficient branded vehicle for your mobile tour, your vehicle makes a huge difference.

  1. It is important to consider the function for which you are getting the vehicle. If you are serving food, then go for refrigeration, important appliances and utility space. Whether you want to turn your vehicle into podcast studio, think of connectivity and acoustics. For hauling samples, storage size is important. In order to provide brand ambassadors higher mobility to cover a wider location you can go for bikes.
  2. The next thing is to consider size. After adding functionality to your selection procedure, you should also consider the permitted area of your activation and touring route. If you will use warehouse at the time of tour, you should take care of the clearances at the storage locations.
  3. Look out for brand authenticity and aesthetics: If you are working for an eco-friendly company, choose electric. If you have a nostalgic brand, choose old-school. The way you choose the vehicle wrap will also help you in keeping to your brand promotion. Depending on your choice of vehicle and type of experience, you can always go for some creative build-outs. The experiential marketing vehicle offers a visual appeal to your campaign which can enhance impact and intrigue.

You may not get the complete brand experience in one vehicle. Thus, it is suggested that you choose a caravan with different kinds of vehicles. At some events, you may also need a tow-behind kind trailer. It is very important to choose the right fabrication if you are looking for a personalized media format design. Selecting the correct experiential marketing vehicle could give you enormous benefits. Thus, it is suggested that you hire professionals for this purpose.

If you are looking forward to get the right sources of best marketing fleet for your purpose, then read more about experiential marketing company vehicles. We, at Eventige Media Group help you in creating the best promotional vehicles and display screens for you. Right from custom promotional marketing trucks, trailers to cars, you can just advertise anything on wheels. It takes experiential to new heights and focuses on things that make a big impact. So, what are you waiting for? Make your brand a statement and achieve your advertising goals in the best possible way with the team of Eventige Media Group. It is truly the best source of promotion for your business.

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