Cloud-based lead management tools are designed to speed up the sale cycles of business owners, and most especially lead generation. These software tools are designed to ensure that salespeople stay on top of their marketing pipeline and also to increase conversion rates. The following are the top-rated cloud-based lead management software tools to consider this year;

NetSuite lead management software

NetSuite is the number one lead management software tools on most review sites. It is robust software that provides a 360-degree view of customers in real time. It comes with advanced features which include customer service management, and the capability to track the actions taken by potential leads, customers, and visitors on your website. Other features you can find here include; Time tracking, Analytics and Reporting, Email marketing, Incentive compensation, and Lead Management. It is important to also learn about NetSuite Pricing.

The Zoho CRM

The Zoho CRM is another popular lead management software tools that have a popular rating of 4.5/5 from reviewers. It comes with features such as; Ability to create Separate lead and contact list, generating forms to collect data, and Integration with email providers. Provides automated responses, and create pipelines for new leads. One of the greatest features of this software tool is that it collects social media of possible new leads automatically.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning Professional

This software tool creates a very smooth working process for users and it is very customizable. This software also comes with a 30-day trial, which makes it highly reliable. Though it does not collect social media information automatically it can be customized to store social media information of new leads.

Insightly CRM

Insightly CRM is one of the most affordable options among the top 5 Lead management software. It is also packed with lots of features just like the rest. It provides email tracking and numerous templates, likewise, it comes with great integration for enhanced reporting capabilities. The expanded workflow on this software works with mobile apps, and this feature creates the much-needed web forms that can help you harvest new leads.

BPM Online CRM

With lots of personalized tools for event planning, this software is one of the best for task automation. It creates automatic triggers for marketing campaigns, and it also programs emails. Though the initial experience with this software can be problematic, users can quickly get used to it after a while. This software does not work directly with social media networks.


Choosing a cloud-based Lead Management Software tool can be very pathetic, perhaps you should start by using the options with a free trial period before you sign up for the full package. It is also important to choose the right size of Lead Management Software because some are designed for small and mid-size businesses and some and more scalable on larger business operations. The small and mid-size software may have limited capabilities; thus, they may not be very effective for larger operations.