Perhaps you’ve started a new business, you offer an excellent service, and you’ve gotten the word out to family and friends.

For those who aren’t familiar with you, branding is the personality your business portrays to its customers. Branding can be a significant difference that separates you from others that offer similar services. Here are three fun ways to give your business a unique personality.

Create a VOICE for your brand

A voice sets the tone for your brand and should be reflected in all interactions with your customers – phone calls, emails, text messages, newsletters, and social media. Consider the traits you want your brand to reflect and use that tone for your interactions. If you want your brand to seem friendly and down-to-earth, take a more casual tone with your customers. If you’d like your brand to appear more professional and upscale, then a more formal and impersonal tone should be used.

Create a LOGO for your brand

Not only does a picture say a thousand words, it also sticks in our heads. If you haven’t created a logo for your business yet, it’s an easy way to make your brand more recognizable. Having a great logo can help create a more professional image for your business. Additionally, it can create a great first impression. If you don’t have excellent graphic design abilities, consider hiring a professional and working with them to create an image that you think properly represents your business and brand.

PROMOTE your brand locally

Now that you have a voice and a logo for your brand, it’s time to spread the word. Creating signs, banners, flags, and decals for your business to display at your office and on vehicles and help create a professional image for your business. Even something as simple as refrigerator magnets can help spread your business contact information to your customers. Using an online company such as Best of Signs that specializes in making banners and decals can help you easily create memorable advertising for your business.

Your customers want the best. Creating an appearance that is consistent and professional will help customers feel like your business will meet their needs with the same attention to detail you use to present yourself. While the quality of your product may speak for itself, a good brand is the first impression that will get your customers through your door in the first place.