There is no doubt that flyers have been used for ages for promoting different products and services. But are flyers still effective in this modern world where everyone is approaching digital platforms for promoting their businesses?

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What is a Flyer?

A flyer is a paper ad, often printed in bulk for distribution at public places. The businessperson can distribute them through post or directly handed to the person he meets at the public place.

Are Flyers Still Effective?

Yes, flyers are still effective. According to DMS statistics, flyers are still effective in this digital age for promoting your products or services. You can find the list of the businesses below who still rely on this traditional method of marketing.

Businesses that Use Flyers Today

It’s not just businesses, but individual entrepreneurs, politicians, and non-profit organizations use flyers as a marketing tool. They use it because it is an affordable way of communicating a clear message to the target audience or a specific demographic region. Here are a few examples of the businesses that use flyers distribution service

Tattoo Artists

Tattoo artists use flyers to promote their services, offers and showcase their art on the same paper. 

Personal Trainers

They use flyers to promote their new fitness programs and new offers. Fitness trainers also advertise their qualifications and certifications through the paper. 

Local Politicians

Politicians use flyers to communicate their policies and election symbol to a specific demographic region.

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops hand out their flyers directly to the people to communicate their discounts and specialty.

You can create an attractive flyer by investing some time and research into it. It keeps the potential to divert customers into your direction for your products and services.

Why Use Flyers?

Best Marketing Tool for a New Store

If you have just established your new business and looking for the best marketing tool, the flyer can communicate your message to the local people. 

Perfect for Event

Suppose you are hosting an urgent event and you have to invite people at short notice. You can print flyers and hire some people to distribute them. 

Affordable Marketing Tool

Costco Flyers is one of the most affordable marketing tools through which you can promote your business easily. It doesn’t matter whether you have a store or are the owner of a shopping mall. Flyers can be used to communicate your services and offers. 

Physical Part of your Business

Flyers act as the physical part of a business, and they are something that your customers can touch. Unlike emails, tangible marketing material won’t get lost as the people can keep it in their purse, bag, etc. 

The Final Words

There are many benefits of using a flyer as a marketing tool to transfer your immediate-message to the people and communicate your business-type clearly. Now, when you have known all the benefits of flyers, it’s time to approach Costco in Canada to promote your business on a large scale.