Escape Hour first came to Calgary three years ago, although owner Alex Tereshchenko said the escape rooms there are completely different from the ones in Edmonton.

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Escape games now offer you a mind-boggling and interesting way to get yourself free from the locked room space. These games are really adventurous and unique. The participants in such games should have a good team that has great communication and coordination skills.

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The platform is pleased to offer you a wide range of escape game options with unique themes and set-ups. For example, you can play the following escape games, such as Five Lives, Bank Heist, Matrix Theme, 5 Elements, Senator’s Battle, Tron Battle, VR, and much more too. Rest assured that each of these escape games is extremely engaging, and they are all set to test your critical reasoning, problem-solving, and logical thinking power.


Considering the COVID-19 guideline, each of the escape rooms is thoroughly sanitized and disinfected before you enter the gamespace. In addition to it, there will be a dedicated game master assigned to your team. Whenever you face any issue or you want to get some assistance, please feel free to contact this game master who is always willing to help resolve your queries and concerns.

So, do not think anymore! Escape games need the player to carefully observe, find, and apply the clues and also solve different puzzles. There will be various tricky places all over the gaming zone. Please be extra careful when you are dealing with these tricky places. Your problem solving and reasoning skills are an absolute must to get succeed in the escape games.

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