Having the latest home theater systems in the house may not give you the optimal sound quality. There are things that a subwoofer gives you that a typical home theatre cannot. The one thing that a subwoofer does best is to capture low-frequency audio that is not heard in your regular system.
Most people assume that a subwoofer comes with a big box, and all they do is create the boom effect. Thou this is mostly true, there is so much more a subwoofer does. For starters, it’s able to bring out the low-frequency effects, and they reproduce every sound thrown at them.
In most cases, the sound frequency is so low, and all you can feel is the vibrations. If you set it right, it will help your regular home theatre be at its best.
Wooferguy.com states that a good subwoofer is meant to complement the home theatre and give you the very best audio. Now that you have a brief overview of subwoofers, here are the reasons why it is essential to have them;

1) Captures sound that an ordinary speaker can’t handle

There are sound frequencies that are easy to obtain with an average speaker, and then there are those low-frequency sounds that are hard to capture. That’s what subwoofers do best.
They capture all types of music with superior quality. The quality of the sound produced is based on the quality of the subwoofer thou a basic subwoofer can capture the sound that other speakers cannot.
An average speaker can capture sound with a frequency of about 50Hz, which is not enough to capture some notes. On the other hand, a conventional subwoofer will capture frequencies as low as 20Hz.
With the advancements of technology, some subwoofers can capture frequencies more depressed than that, which is extraordinary. At that frequency, they can capture sound wavelengths that are at the very limit of our hearing capabilities. That’s why its essential to have subwoofers as they will give you the very best sound, and the quality of your audio will never be the same again

2) To bring out the best from your speakers

Most people assume that having a subwoofer will kill the standard speakers. That is not the case, as good subwoofers are supposed to complement your speakers. You should picture the subwoofer as an extension of your speaker rather than a competitor. For the ultimate experience, your subwoofer and the standard speakers should complement each other and enhance your audio experience. When setting the subwoofers, strive to achieve a balance between the two. A well-set system of home theatre and subwoofers should blend easily without the subwoofers overpowering the speakers. The subwoofers should not, at any given time, draw all the attention to themselves and should bring out the best from the speakers.

3) No distorted audio even at high volumes

There is a notion that if you set high volumes for your speakers, the audio will be distorted. It is mostly true with an average speaker as they have a hard time keeping up with high volumes. That should not be the case with a decent subwoofer.
A subwoofer is designed to handle high volumes with ease, and that’s why having them means getting clear music. The average subwoofer should be able to handle high volumes easily and give you superior quality. The better the subwoofer, the easier it is to play high demanding music with superior quality.

4) Delivers every note in the audio

Some notes are not clear with your average speaker. Thus, it’s hard to capture every note that the artist wanted you to hear. That’s where the subwoofers come in as they can accurately produce every other note in audio. This is especially true with the low spectrum audios that are not captured by the average speakers. Adding subwoofers to your home system will give you an experience you never thought you needed.

5) Subwoofers help speakers achieve their sonic potential

Smaller speakers always have a hard time when playing medium and high-volume audios. It is tough to push them over their limits. This is where subwoofers compliment the speakers. In most cases, subwoofers have their connected amplifiers, which, with excellent bass management skills, will give your small speakers a chance to play to their potential.

6) Compliments your home system

One of the main reasons why subwoofers are essential is to compliment the home system. Having subwoofers won’t render your speakers useless rather, it should blend in with it.
The subwoofers will give you something your ordinary speaker won’t provide you. If you want to optimize the quality of your audio, you need to have both. This also presents another issue of how to set them so that they play in harmony. Having excellent bass management skills is essential here as it will enable you to find the best rhythm.
Using the speakers and the subwoofers, you ought to find a level where the two will blend seamlessly. The standard speakers should not be overworked nor should the subwoofers steal all the attention

Final thoughts

All of the above are enough reasons why having subwoofers are essential. The quality of the music or audio you want will guide you when choosing the right subwoofers.
Missing subwoofers can lead you to not fully utilize your current speakers while at the same time leading you to miss on a few crucial aspects. There are different subwoofers out there, all with different capabilities, but even the simplest one has vast effects.
Subwoofers are not all about the bass and having a boom effect, as they play such a crucial role in any home system set up. They will help you hear all the effects and tones in music, and your audio will never be the same.
It is important to note that not all music genres work well with subwoofers, but having them will improve the quality of your audio. If you are having a hard time selecting the right subwoofers, or you cannot get it right when setting the whole system, you can consult the experts.