Allium or red onion has been used medicinally for over a thousand years effectively to treat a wide variety of problems. It includes its use as a natural antibiotic and a natural antiviral agent. It’s also an expectorant, it helps to get mucus going and a dry cough.

It’s a diuretic which helps people urinate on diaphoretic helping them sweat and as a detoxifier in homoeopathy. We use red onion for the treatment of allergies primarily, also for colds or upper respiratory infections for bronchitis and laryngitis.

It also can be used for asthma, typically conditions that need Allium CEPA are focused on the respiratory system. Often they are worse from warm weather and better from cold air, they usually are worse in the evening and worse on the left side. Buy Allium Cepa homoeopathic medicine online at an affordable price from Sports Inside.

Patients with allergies who need Allium CEPA often have headaches associated with their coryza, and their troubles are worse in a warm room and closing their eyes they are better with open air. Typically just like when you use red onion, you get a lot of profuse lacrimation from the eyes you also see that in patients who need this remedy and typically that lacrimation is bland and character.

On the other hand, there is also a lot of nasal discharge and nasal discharge is not typically bland; it’s more hacker than excoriating. It can be quite profuse both from the eyes and the nose like an excellent faucet remedy for hay fever and particularly when there’s a problem with nasal polyps. There also can be a pain and the throat as well as hoarseness or laryngitis associated with the remedy. Typically there is coughing that can be somewhat spasmodic. Usually, with Eliam SEPA, the colds tend to progress down into the chest and can lead to more severe bronchitis or even asthma.

Remedies need to compare to include pulsatile Negron, which also has a lot of discharge although the discharge typically is less accurate and more creamy or yellow-green and character. Another remedy that it comes close to is phosphorus which also had bronchitis and the cough, although typically drier. Lastly, Eliam Sativa, which is the remedy garlic.

This article is for knowledge purpose only, and nothing in this material is meant to diagnose, cure, prescribe or treat any illness. Please consult your homoeopathic practitioner for treatment options.

Allium Cepa remedy extracted from red onion, and it is best in the first stage of cold extraction. The symptoms are similar to when one is chopping an onion: runny nose, and burning eyes, light tickle in the throat. The discharge is watery and bland.

The symptoms are worse in the night for hay fever.

Red onion can also be made into a syrup or placed in a room beside a sick person. In the 1800s people would bind onions on the ear for earache and around the neck for sore throats. Visit Homeopathy centre to know more about Allium Cepa.