Car-related accidents account for several deaths in US roadways. More than 38,000 people die from car crashes every year. Noting how these accidents can come out of nowhere, it would be a mistake to think that it would not happen to you.

When it does happen, there are some things that you should keep in mind. This also includes actions that you should avoid in the event of a car crash. Today, we look at these pointers if you sustain a car crash injury in such an accident.

  1. Call the Emergency Hotline

Whether you sustained an injury or not, make sure to get off the road and call 911 right away. Situations such as a road accident would need prompt action. Report every detail that transpired and request for both medical and police assistance.

Once out of harm’s way, you can still do something about the matter while you wait for the emergency crews to arrive.

  1. Do Not Panic

While all of this transpires, make sure to keep a level head. Try as much as you can not to panic. Emotions can run high in these kinds of situations, which is why you should keep calm.

During such a situation, avoid casting blame or accepting blame. Do not apologize, as they can use this against you.

  1. Do File a Police Report

There would be moments when the driver at fault would ask you not to call the police. They would encourage you to deal with the collision without involving the authorities. For this, do not heed them and always call for police assistance.

Without a police report, insurance companies treat car accidents as minor. This deems the case unworthy of reasonable settlements. A police report helps put a clear record of what happened, allowing for a better appraisal.

  1. Do Not Settle Without Consulting a Lawyer

You might encounter situations when an insurance company offers compensation for the other party. Do not take it.

The moment you agree to such an offer, they would have you sign a release. That would prevent you from recovering money for your injuries in the future.

Do not take any action that would jeopardize your well-being. Instead, you need to consult a lawyer before doing anything. This also leads us to the other pointer.

  1. Do Call a Lawyer

You need a lawyer to represent you and help you in such a situation. Though, in this case, you need it to be the right one for the job. This is where a car accident injury attorney can help you.

A lawyer who specializes in this field can help with the inner workings of these cases. Knowing your lawyer’s capabilities are within your best interests. With a lawyer, you have better chances of securing evidence and details of the accident.

  1. Do Not Provide a Recorded Statement to the Insurance Company

Insurance companies would contact you and ask for a statement or even ask for you to sign anything. For such, you have the right to say no. As with not pushing for settlements without an attorney, the same advice applies here.

If anything, these insurance companies would do what they can to confuse your story. They may even hold it against you at a later point. Make sure to have your attorney’s counsel handy.

  1. Do Gather Evidence and Information

Gathering information and evidence in a car accident can help matters. For this, gather every possible detail as much as you can. This includes taking photos of the crash site, the vehicles, and the plate numbers.

When taking photos, also take shots of the road and the surrounding location. When you can, try to draw a diagram of the area. As part of the data gathering, note the date and time, as well as the weather conditions.

For the parties involved, obtain the addresses and phone numbers of everyone. This also includes witnesses. Record details such as the license plate numbers and the car registration number.

It also helps to have the details on the car’s model and year and the insurance information. A driver’s license would also be a fitting detail for the drivers.

Provide all information you gathered to the proper authorities. The same goes for your lawyer. Make sure to consult your lawyer before you work anything with your insurance agent.

  1. Do Not Sign Anything

Do not rush to sign any paperwork provided by an insurance company while settling this incident. There might be some details that might end up taking you on a blind spot. Instead, have this checked with your lawyer and review the details of the document.

This way, you can see if any hidden details would prove disadvantageous to you. Work these sorts of details out with your lawyer and always seek their counsel.

  1. Do Consult the Right Doctor Without Delay

With injuries sustained from the car crash, you need to seek medical attention. Even if the injury may seem negligible and small, you still need to consult the doctor and go for a checkup.

This way, you get timely documentation of your injuries. At that same time, this allows you to see the other side effects caused by the car accident.

  1. Do Not Leave

While at the accident scene, do not leave right away. Stay at the scene and wait for help to arrive. The best time to leave is when you manage to get the information needed and exchange it with other drivers and witnesses.

Once you managed to get the authorities to help, that would be the best time to go. At that point, you shared your side, and you also got the needed medical attention.

Get Your Car Crash Injury Checked Today

A car crash injury would need medical attention as soon as possible. In such a situation, call for assistance and have both the help of proper authorities and your lawyer. This way, you get the proper compensation.

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