If despite your effort, you can’t sell your house, make sure none of the following reasons contribute to it. Sellers who are aware of these reasons even before putting a house for sale, avoid making mistakes and gain a considerable advantage in the market.

The price is too high

The most important factor that influences whether or not the house will be sold is, of course, the price. If you are wondering why the property is not selling, the first question you should ask is whether it isn’t priced too high. Houses with an inflated price may be complicated to sell. You can make many mistakes by setting the price of a house for sale. Too high a price may generate additional costs to the seller in the long term.

The lack of proper marketing actions

The level of marketing exposure can have a significant impact on whether a house will sell and for how much. If your property is not selling, it may be due to the lack of adequate marketing exposure.

Bad condition of the house

Poor condition and neglected repairs may also be the reason the house is not selling. The quickest way to discourage potential buyers is to leave your home in bad condition. If the property requires repairs neglected by the owner, there is a good chance that this is why there is little interest around the house.

Improper presentation

When selling a home, you only have one chance to make an excellent first impression on potential buyers. Perhaps the house is not selling, because it does not look good. One of the most significant inconveniences when selling a home is to prepare it for presentation.

Unpleasant odors

Even a novice buyer knows that reviewing a property room by room; he should pay close attention to scents. If there are unpleasant odors in your home, maybe that’s why it isn’t selling.

Poor location

The location of a home is for most buyers essential. If the house was built in a bad area, this might be the reason you can’t sell it. Houses located next to the apartment complex, a car park or tracks are harder to sell.

Lack of flexibility and unrealistic seller’s expectations

Constant refusals of the presentation, ignoring the requests for repairs during the inspection and lack of openness to any offers containing a lower price than the starting price – are examples of the lack of flexibility or unrealistic expectations as a house owner. Sounds familiar? It may be one of the reasons why your house is not selling.

Bad time

Houses are sold all year long. However, for sure, depending on where you live, there are better and worse periods of the year to sell your house.

Local market conditions

Choosing the right time of the year is just as important as the current conditions on the real estate market.

Inappropriate broker

Do not hire a broker who is not fit for the job of selling your home! The key to successful sales is to hire a good agent. Before you choose it, learn how to conduct a conversation with an agent.


There can’t be a more frustrating situation for the seller than the fact that the house is not selling. You should then identify the reason why this is happening and think about what might help change this situation. The above reasons why the house is not sold are very common. With good cooperation and listening to the agent’s suggestions, you can change this situation. If you want to increase your chances of selling your house, you can also visit some websites for sale by owner. Remember, marketing actions are crucial while selling your house!