Vidmate is a Chinese application and it is incredibly easy to understand. UCWeb, which is a member of the outstanding Alibaba Group, has built up this video downloading the application. Being utilized to the quick-paced way of life, Gen Y and Gen Z individuals do not like to wait for a long time for video downloading. To tackle this issue, the software engineers have made applications which permit downloading specifically from those kinds of sites which don’t give direct permission to download videos. One mainstream application having this kind of property is the Vidmate application. The most recent version of this application is v3.6507 which was released on 31 January 2019. The Android owners can utilize this application to download the HD videos and numerous different sorts of recordings from different sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so forth. This application isn’t available in the Google play store. It was expelled from the Google Play Stores for the accompanying reasons:

  • This application abuses the approaches of Google.
  • Google had cautioned them on numerous occasions with respect to copyright issues.
  • It can download any video from any sources, for example, YouTube. The copyright owners of those videos didn’t welcome it.

A portion of the users doubts that this application may be unsafe for their Android gadget and refrain from using this application on their phones. They have to realize that this application isn’t any malware or virus. In spite of the fact that this application isn’t accessible in the Google store, it can be downloaded from online websites for no cost. This application takes very less time to be installed as the size of this application is just 12.41 MB. Till now approximately 500 million individuals have downloaded this application. The main criterion to utilize this application is people need Android 4.0+ version.

The highlights of this application, which have made this application individuals’ top pick, are as per the following:

  • This application is well equipped for downloading videos from sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr and so forth with no issues.
  • Users of this application can observe live TV which has approximately 200 unique channels.
  • The speed of downloading videos utilizing this application is amazingly high.
  • It is exceptionally simple to explore and utilize.
  • This application does not consume much space on the memory card of the user’s Android android device.

The application is very easy to use. Consequently, a large number of individuals from different countries have downloaded this application till now. For the past versions of this application, the clients were confronting a few issues, for example,

  • JavaScript related issues
  • Issues identified regarding sharing the videos by means of Whatsapp
  • Problems with the Whatsapp status server.

The most recent version of this application is v3.6507 which was launched on 31 January 2019 worldwide. In this new version of the application, the software developers have fixed these issues so the users of this application can have a superior experience than the experience they were having previously. With the help of applications such as vidmate, you are able to download files from all sorts of video streaming websites. The biggest advantage is that whether it is music, movies or documentaries, you can enjoy it all through the downloaded versions. With vidmate, you are not only going to be able to watch anything and everything multiple times, you do not need to forsake your data plan or Wi-Fi to stream it again and again. Once your download it, it will be on your device for a long time. Another advantage is the quality that comes along, you can download the highest resolution available, so that you are not compromising on your viewing experience.

With the ability to download videos on the go and from virtually any source, you are set to have a chill experience when it comes to enjoying your content.  From tutorials to general to-dos, you can get everything and anything done with the help of vidmate, by using their app to complete a simple download.

In today’s world where a simple download scheme can help you curate a video library with ease, having tools such as vidmate can be essential. They can help you make a playlist with your favourite artists and even help you make a unique queue with underground artists who only upload their music on websites like YouTube. Its advantages are quite endless and you also do not have to worry about using your data again and again.