Keeping up to date with the most recent and economically sound apps is crucial in the survival of any business in the modern era. Dominated by technology and the ever growing demand of online presence, it seems common sense that any business not moving forward with technological advances will certainly be left behind in comparison to the tech savvy competitors.

Just incorporating apps into everyday running of the business may appear like a helping hand, however, allertaprivacy shows there’s risks of using standalone apps to rely on certain processes, such as sharing files across separate devices. Connected apps such as the connection between Microsoft and apps on Microsoft Store offer end results to increase productivity in the workplace and more efficiency throughout.

Responsibility and protection of sensitive data

Highly personal data flies around companies every day and can almost certainly land a business into extremely hot water if that data gets into the wrong hands. 

Connected apps place responsibility of data on the business, and lays down specific protocols which must be adhered to by all users. Including services under cloud products, businesses can indulge in a market full of useful apps to benefit their business, but the onus remains with them to ensure all procedures are correctly followed. 

This kind of control is also often seen with VPNs. Virtual Private Networks provide encrypted wavelengths for businesses to operate over distances, making everyday running of the business seamless even if colleagues are in different countries. 

By offering highly complex 16 or 32 bit passwords, VPN service providers offer premium levels of security for their users but in the same way as the apps, they require users to follow procedures in order for ultimate efficiency and online safety.   

Greater control

In any business there is always the chance that a disgruntled employee may be working from the inside to cause problems. Not an issue many employers like to think will happen from within, however it is still a factor which needs monitoring on a regular basis. By not using connected apps, employees can add their own selection of apps which allows them to bypass other apps blocking them from gaining entry to pre-existing networks.

A direct result from using connected apps in the workplace instantly allows a greater amount of control to eliminate some of the risk and ensure the business continues to run smoothly. Using cloud to cloud apps can effectively be invisible to previous networks, further minimising risk.

Uncertainties with sensitive data

Protecting data is key. Now some apps can be very useful in storing information such as email details. However, it isn’t necessarily the app which is concerning. It is the team behind it.

The app may come highly recommended for providing an efficient service that does everything it says on the tin. However, potentially unauthorised personnel behind the app may gain access to the stored data, putting the business and its customers at an undue risk.