If we look at the emerging trends and drifts in the industry, one thing is very clear. Video content is the future of all social media marketing campaigns, and you, too, can capitalize on this trend by getting in early and making high-quality video content on your brand and products.

Here are some videos that every business should make:

Introduction to what you are what you do:

Your first video should be a simple hello to the world—a simple explanation of your brand, company, and significant individuals. Keep the video short and to the point. Give a brief explanation of what your brand is and what products you offer. Don’t try to explain every detail about these products or services, as this video is just for a basic introduction.

These kinds of videos are like the cover paragraph of your website’s homepage or the title of a product. You do not have to worry about explaining your whole business structure or product descriptions, as those topics will be covered in future videos.

Make explainer videos:

The second step is creating videos that explain the ins and outs of your products and services. These are used as a showcase and a detailed yet precise description of your stuff and help the viewer better understand the product/service. These are especially necessary for products that are unique and uncommon in their functionality or do something that no other products in a similar category does. For example, a company explaining the high frame rate mode on their new camera is utilizing an explainer video.

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Another good use of these kinds of videos is to share tips and tricks that might not be necessary for the use of the product but will be helpful in terms of efficiency. A good example of such a video will be a company making a video about keyboard shortcuts on their video editor software.

Share your company’s history:

There is nothing an online audience loves more than a good success story, and by sharing the history and story of your company, you will be forming an emotional bond with your audience. Unless you are doing something extremely niche, chances are there is another company selling a similar product. The only thing that will encourage a customer to shop from you instead of them is how they feel about your company as a whole and what emotions they associate with you, and a history video is an excellent way of getting those connections established.

Share your expertise:

A good educational video that teaches the viewer something new is a wonderful way of gaining attention and a decent viewership. So, why not let your experts get on camera and share their knowledge and expertise with the world. Not only will this be a great method of gaining new eyes on your business, but it will also aid in making people return to you.

If a company that sells electronic opening kits started posting weekly videos on how to open a certain popular electronic device, it would gain a decent following, which will directly translate into more sales.