According to surveys students mostly like to study from the internet because it is easy and convenient to study. What about if students get the chance to learn professional skills on the internet for free. Yes of course it is possible, many platforms are offering free professional courses online. In this article we will see which skills you should learn in your life.

  1. Web Development

There is a huge scope of web development. Many people are offering this service worldwide as a freelancer. If you want to start freelancing I think you should learn this skill. Yes coding is required in this skill, but you can also learn it if you don’t like coding. There are many platforms like wordpress and wix that allow you to develop websites without any coding, so there is a golden chance for you to learn this skill and earn in thousands. If you don’t know where to start this skill, contact website design agency Edinburgh.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization covers 80% of the whole digital marketing. If you are familiar with the internet or online business then you should know there is no business can be successful without digital marketing. SEO is the ultimate skill, if you get this you will be able to rank any website on the search engines. Once you become an expert in this field you can earn thousands of dollars every month. There are lots of skills in SEO, and you can offer a single piece of skill to the client for hundreds of dollars.

  1. Mobile Application Development

If you want to enter yourself in the development field then there will be no better field except mobile application development. People are upgrading themselves from web surfing to mobile surfing, they are expecting everything on their mobile. So you can say there is maximum scope of this field in the current time and in future. You can choose an android mobile application or IOS application. But there is a new technology that is being used nowadays which is Hybrid app development. In this you are coding the same for android, Ios and web development.

  1. Learn Foreign Language

You should also focus to learn foreign language with proper accent. Sometimes you have to deal with foreigner for project so you have to learn scotish accent, english accent and other famous languages accent.