Many people may react badly when they feel a six-legged insect crawling on them, and they feel a feeling of indignation of disgust, and what we do not know is that the vast majority of these insects are completely harmless, and we humans and others from this complex life on this planet will be In trouble without insects.

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In fact, I learned from this article how the environmental defect should pay attention to it because it is an important thing, and that insects are more than just a nuisance to our lives. People are often quick to crush insects that come near them without even thinking, if they know how insects are important to us. They would stop crushing and killing insects as they play a major role in the environment.

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If the insects disappear, the world will literally collapse, and if the insects disappear, then this will mean not being exposed to annoying mosquito bites or fleas and we will not suffer from widespread insect diseases, such as malaria and dengue, which affect millions and kill hundreds of thousands of people annually, and in that time the farmers will not be counted. They need to use pesticides and they will not use more than 500 million pounds of chemicals annually, just to eliminate insects to protect crops from hungry pests and insects.

Unfortunately, if this actually happened, the negatives of this issue will outweigh the positives. For beginners, there are approximately 80 percent of all forms of plant life in the world that are angiosperms, or flowering plants that gather for reproduction, and these plants must be ready To physically transfer pollen from the male penis to the female.

In rare cases, insects pollinate the vast majority of plants consumed by many animals, such as birds and bats, without these pollinators, most plants on the planet will disappear, and we will find that the world will only be from a small place surrounded by trees, as it will save only between 50 to 90 percent of human food in terms of size and calories.

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Angiosperms include basic food grains and grains such as rice and wheat, as well as fruits and vegetables. In addition, we find flowering plants placed indirectly as food in our stomachs. For example, they reach us through diets from animals such as cows, chicken, and most freshwater fish that we eat it.

If the insects disappear, many mammals and birds will also disappear. If the insects do not pollinate the plants, there will be no fruits and foliage for the animals to eat. By escalating the situation at the end of the matter, we found that eliminating the insects will result in dead trees and animal carcasses, and that man will decompose much slower. Than if they were in a world where insects were bustling, because insects, along with bacteria and fungi, serve the decomposition of large substances from organic matter. Without insects, the world would become a pile with dead things.

It is of concern that insects have become exposed to pesticides, disease and the loss of their whereabouts in recent years. Moreover, we find that global climate change is also an important factor in insect shortage, and if the insects do not work in the spring, the flowers will either open soon. Too much or too late and are going to become unfertilized, and generally, there are difficult times for many insects and this gives us a glimpse of what life will be in their absence.