The software development sphere is relatively new to the world, so there are no practices with 20 years of proven experience. Each company works on its perfect solutions, and usually, they have highly sought after. The approach can never be universalized as what works and what not will depend on the case. Flexibility is an essential thing in today’s century, so of course, it will be applicable here. Therefore, don’t force an approach that doesn’t fit. This will be the best advice.

In light of this, there is something to consider how to form and manage your team, and it’s more than just hiring the best in town developers or engineers. Two of these recommendations are team structure and proper project planning. We will talk about both here.

The team structure matters

If you decide to have a team approach in your custom software development project, this would be a solid foundation. There are three things to consider here:

  • Expertise

Dedicated developers, along with other specialists, analysts, and so on, such as JavaScript developers, engineers, will be necessary.

  • Outsourced teams and specialists

It would be best to consider outsourcing, either hiring specialists in specific areas or getting teams to work on your project. There are companies on the market that can offer packages for specific software development needs. While, of course, it can be pricey and take a long time, it can pay off, saving you time and funds.

  • Project Managers

These guys are a vital cornerstone of your development projects. They are not necessarily development experts, but they should be skilled in time planning, smark task delivery, and agile approach. Most importantly, they need to communicate, coordinate teams, manage time, and plan appropriately.

The importance of proper planning

It is crucial to plan anything you do, especially in business. No wonder, when it comes to software development and anything related, planning is the core of a good project. For instance, agile methodologies, as of 2020, are still the most popular method. They are about a collaboration between teams of different functions and allow for coordination and self-organization. In general, the method is incredibly adaptive and flexible, which was mentioned at the start as an essential thing to remember about projects.

Most IT companies nowadays use this methodology as it proved its incredible efficiency.

It gets us back to a project manager capable of managing teams and working with a proper agile type method. By having a great team, but a proper plan and coordinative method, the battle is half won, and you can adapt to any challenges along the way.


There’s plenty of advice but remember never to force anything and remain flexible. Building a good team, using outsourced staff, and making sure your project manager is an excellent scrum master at coordinating all the different teams will give you the tools to stay on top of your project development.