Considering the current competitive business world we have today, companies have also come up with more unique strategies to market the business. This includes evaluating the target markets in cultural dimensions to know the consumer behavior, attitude and beliefs concerning the products/services offered. With this information, they can strategies their marketing campaigns to achieve the desired results in such markets. But to successfully venture into new markets, creative translation plays a very important role. So what exactly does transcreation mean and why is it so important in business marketing?

Transcreation works more or less the same way as translation. This means that it coveys an original message in another language by ensuring that style intent and vocal tone is maintained. By use of transcreation services, customers in local markets can be able to get more information concerning the business and the products/services offered in a language that they fully understand. This is one main reason why the transcreation process required a well skilled and professional translator. The person conveying the massage should also have more knowledge of the firm for them to effectively pass the intended message. Apart from that, they have to be conversant with the target audience culture.

When you invest large sums of money to hire a professional copywriter, you actually do not only cater for the text expenses. But you will also be paying for the skills that the transcreation services professional has which related to the target audience for a message to be effectively displayed. However, it is only a professional translator who can better convey the message and avoid the risks of miscommunication and brand erosion as far as business investments are concerned.

Are there any differences between transcreation and translation?

When coming up with the most effective service for the business marketing campaigns, this is probably one of the questions you will need to ask yourself. But as much as both process involved accurately passing a message from one language to another, translation process is simpler and less complicated that transcreation. For instance, translation normally requires a source text. But with transcreation, there has to be a creative brief from the business whereby all information, including the type of response they need from the target audience will be provided.

Another difference is that with translation, the given text has to be conveyed to the target audience in the same way without tampering with or reinterpreting the details. But with transcreation, the professionals need to be bolder, original and more creative.

When hiring transcreation services, there are also some major factors that you need to consider. Remember that with transcreation, the main goal is to translate information to the target group while maintaining the original theme, style and intent. To achieve this, you need to ensure that the transcreation professional has the copywriting expertise requires. To achieve best results, the translator ought to be a native speaker. The translator should also be in a position to understand the target market and be located in the target audience country or region.