What is an electric soldering iron

Electric soldering iron is an indispensable tool for electronic production and electrical appliance maintenance. The main purpose is to weld components and wires. According to the mechanical structure, it can be divided into internal heating electric soldering iron and external heating electric soldering iron. Tin soldering irons are divided into high-power soldering irons and low-power soldering irons according to different uses.

Types of electric iron

  1. External heating electric iron

The tip of the external heating electric iron is installed in the core of the soldering iron, so it is called the external heating electric soldering iron. Common specifications are 25W, 45W, 75W, 100W, etc., the higher the power, the higher the temperature of the iron tip.

  1. Internal heating electric soldering iron

The soldering iron core of the internal heating electric soldering iron is installed inside the soldering iron head, which generates heat quickly and has a high heat utilization rate. The common specifications of internal heating electric iron are 20W and 50W. Due to its high thermal efficiency, the 20W internal heating type soldering iron is equivalent to about 40W external heating type soldering iron.

  1. Constant temperature electric iron

Because a temperature controller with a magnet is installed in the constant temperature electric iron head, it controls the time of energization to achieve temperature control. When the electric iron is energized, the temperature of the iron rises to a predetermined temperature and can be constant within a predetermined temperature range.

  1. Soldering tin soldering iron

The tin-sucking electric soldering iron integrates the piston-type soldering tin and the electric soldering iron. It has the characteristics of convenient use, flexibility and wide application range, but this electric soldering iron can only desolder one solder joint at a time.

Is it better to choose a high-power soldering iron or a smaller power?

The power level is not a criterion for judging the quality of the electric iron.

In the process of electrical maintenance, the electric soldering iron is an indispensable tool, but many maintenance personnel who have just contacted the soldering iron do not know what standard to use the power of the electric soldering iron according to the welding process. The most direct consequence is that the soldering iron is not selected carefully. The size of the power causes the welding effect to be unsatisfactory.

The power of the soldering iron used is too large, it is easy to burn the components and make the printed wires fall from the substrate; the power of the soldering iron used is too small, the solder cannot be fully melted, the flux cannot be volatilized, and the solder joints are not smooth and firm, which is easy to produce Virtual welding. Generally, it is used for soldering integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, CMOS circuits, decoration transistors, IC-type radio cassette recorders, and televisions. For ordinary circuit experiments, generally 20W is suitable for repairing vacuum tube machines, such as tube amplifiers and old instruments It is better to use 35W for external heating, and 45W for external heating. For the connection of welding large transformers and the grounding trunk on the metal base plate, 50W for internal heating and 75W for external heating are used. If you want to weld metal materials, you should choose an external heating electric iron of more than 100W.

The soldering process is actually a process of heat conduction. When contacting the soldering surface, the heat from the soldering iron tip is transferred to the solder. The solder absorbs the heat to melt and flow and forms a bright and round solder joint under the effect of surface tension. If the solder joint area is large, the solder needs to absorb more heat to reach the melting point. The soldering iron head has a small volume, less stored heat, and the temperature drops quickly. If the power of the soldering iron core is small, the generated heat is too late to replace the lost heat, and the solder will not melt or melt completely. At this time, we need to choose a high-power soldering iron for soldering. Conversely, if the soldering part is small, a low-power soldering iron can be used. When using a high-power soldering iron, be sure to pay attention to the soldering time. Excessive heat can easily damage the circuit board and cause the printed copper foil to fall off. Accumulating enough soldering experience will help you choose your own soldering iron.

Intelligent electric iron with precise temperature control

Miniware TS80P smart electric iron is a smart electric iron developed and produced by Guangzhou Edyssey Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. , which is an upgraded version of the company’s original TS80 smart electric iron. Adopt USB-C input interface, upgrade to compatible with QC3.0 and PD2.0 protocol power supply, you can use charging head and power bank to supply power, the power also covers 18W to up to 30W, more diverse power supply methods, and a wider range of applications. Coupled with an efficient internal heating ceramic core soldering iron tip, TS80P can be heated from room temperature to 300 ° C in as little as 8 seconds at the fastest, with extremely rapid temperature rise and precise temperature control, providing users with an excellent welding experience. The TS80P uses a newly upgraded horn-shaped easy-to-push quick-release iron head fastener. The arc-shaped design of the bell mouth can better hold and prevent slippage, avoiding hand slipping and burns. Just replace the iron head with a simple push forward. You can loosen the tip of the soldering iron without worrying about scalding the skin when pulling and inserting the soldering iron. The excellent innovative design will consider the user.

TS80P intelligent electric iron is equipped with STM32 intelligent chip, which can accurately control the temperature and issue a warning when the temperature exceeds the preset range. In addition to the standard modes such as automatic sleep and automatic shutdown, the TS80P adds a new security chip to achieve port protection, to avoid short circuit of the circuit “touching porcelain”, burning out the soldering iron, and truly achieving “error leads to safety”. Miniware products can be connected to computers to modify settings and upgrade firmware. New firmware is regularly published on the official website and forum (www.miniware.com.cn) to facilitate users to download and upgrade themselves.