A CNC lathe is an important machine device that revolves around a workpiece around an axis of cycle to do various operations like turning, facing, deformation, knurling, sanding, and cutting. Lathe machines are mostly utilized for designing the material into a particular form by eliminating the extra material from the particular workpiece to create a symmetrical object. If you have plans to purchase a used CNC lathe machine, it is necessary to know about Lathe machine major parts and function, types of lathe and maintenance instructions. Well, here in this blog, we have explained all these important facts in detail so as to help you in purchasing the right used CNC lathe.

Major parts of the CNC Lathe machine


It is the base of the lathe machine and used for mounting different components of the lathe in it. In most of the lathe, it is in horizontal direction bur in few modern CNC lathe the beds are either in vertical or titled position for easy removal of the chips or swarf. The damping capacity of the bed is high so it can absorb the vibration of the machine. Pieces of beds can be joined to increase the length but most of the time single beds are used for the machine.


The cutting process is done by moving the cutting tool horizontally and vertically. The cutting tool is mounted on the carriage and it helps the cutting tool to move. It also carries many other parts like saddle, apron, tool post, compound rest and cross slide.


The workpiece is held on the chuck. Chuck is mounted on the spindle and it rotates workpiece and chuck. There are two types of lathe machines based on the number of jaws. They are three-jaw and four-jaw chuck.

Control panel:

It is an important part of the CNC lathe machine. It stores all the instructions and programs of the machine. Trained and professional use the keys on the control panel to operate the CNC lathe machine. The required output is obtained only when the operator correctly operates the key.

Head Stock:

Gear chain, driving pulley, spindle, and other similar parts are held on the headstock of the machine. It is located on the left side of the lathe and is usually made of cast iron.


Tail stocks are used only for the drilling options. It gives additional support for the workpiece. It is present on the right side of the machine.

Tool turret:

Tool turret is used for holding the tools of the machine. The size and shape of the tool turret depend on the number of tools used in the machine.

Some of the other parts are the main spindle which acts as the feeding centre and main drive motor it helps for rotating the chuck.

Types of lathe:

Based on the movement there are two types of lathe. They are horizontal lathe and vertical lathe.

1. Horizontal lathe:

In horizontal lathe type, the workpiece rotates cylindrically. In this the tool cut the excess material of the workpiece to obtain the required shape. The horizontal lathe has more space since the workpiece is kept in the vertical direction. Operations of small or medium size workpiece can be performed in horizontal lathe. Lightweight materials are used as the workpiece so it is held on the chuck against the gravitation.

2. Vertical Lathe:

In this the movement of the workpiece is similar to the pottery wheel. With this type of movement the tool can cut even at the hard angle. So this type of vertical lathes is best suited for the heavy workpiece. The footprint of the vertical lathe is less compared with the horizontal lathe.

Tips to maintain used CNC lathemachine

When you are working in CNC lathe machine safety is very important. The process and function of the CNC machine will be different. So give complete training to the operators before starting their work. The number of protection layers is increased in the new updated CNC lathe machine. Workers should wear hearing protection aid, work shoes, googles for extra safety and to prevent accidents. If there is any blockage in the machine then the worker should not try to solve it only the technician with proper training should rectify the problem.

The maintenance of the CNC lathe machine is very important for the proper functioning of the machine. Clean the machine immediately after use. Cleaning the near area will prevent the worker from slipping. Before starting the work process workers should ensure that there are no cracks on the tools, check the work setting of the tool. Before starting the machine check the program of the CNC machine with the data provided for the tool and the workpiece. Before using the tools test it with the sample piece. Follow the manufacturer’s rules and operate within the limits. Set the direction as per the convenience of the worker.

All the owners will find difficult to sell the CNC lathe machine at the correct time. If you do not require CNC lathe machine then sell the machine immediately to free the workspace which can be used for other things. Sell the older machine if your shop floors need an updated modern CNC lathe machine for operation.By investing money in the new machine you can increase productivity and reduce the maintenance cost. The sale price of the used CNC lathe machine can be improved if the machines are sold at an early period.

Technology is one of the important factors in the manufacturing industry. Advancement of technology improves the quality of the product and safety of the workplace. Proper maintenance of the CNC lathe machine will improve the efficiency of the operation. Some of the maintenance tips of CNC lathe machine are listed below

Lubricate and clean the machine regularly:

Cleaning and lubricating the machine is very important. For proper functioning of the work the machine should be lubricated with the proper oil at the correct time. Try to clean the machine daily at the start and end of the work process.

Schedule maintenance list:

The manufacturer of the machine will provide a detail maintenance and service list. Try to follow it for the proper functioning of the machine.

Have necessary spare parts:

Even after proper maintenance of the machine sometimes it fails because of part failure. Some parts of the used CNC lathemachine fail frequently, so try to have them on hand to reduce the breakdown time of the CNC lathe machine.