Digital media has spread its wings too far and beyond. The mobile usage has increased tenfold and people are globally using their mobile and tablets for accessing the internet. Last year the usage of mobile phones for accessing internet was almost 63.4 percent which is surely going to increase in the New Year coming. 

Because of the rapid growth of the mobile phones, it is considered as a major digital platform. So marketers are trying to grasp the platform for media consumption by launching new apps every day. Now just like it happens in the search engines where only the top results get proper recognition and traffic. Same is happening with the app stores. 

Imagine for a minute, you want to install some app on your mobile say an antivirus or some song playlist. You type in the app store search bar and press enter. App store will show you numerous results but you will click to check the top few only. There are two reasons for this; one the results are on top and second these apps have the most downloads. So automatically you will believe since so many people are downloading so it will be a good app. 

This is the reason that developers are rushing to grab the top position in the app stores. This is not as easy as it sounds. With every passing day, it is becoming very hard to gain that position. App stores have their own algorithms and the chances of getting it right are narrowing day by day. So marketers have come up with another solution by providing a chance to Grow App Downloads. Yes, this is known as a part of app store optimization. Did you really think an app which you saw just recently has millions of downloads already is just by coincidence? 

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Buying app downloads is the most effective solution which is not only cost effective but also time efficient. Now you no longer need to worry whether your app will gain popularity or not. The best thing about it is not illegal or spam. Authentic users will download this app, use it and keep this app in their mobile for months or a specific time frame. During this period, your app will be rated accordingly. This is really easy and secure way to achieve what you want.