Hydraulic rubber seals are a basic part of industrial automation and have been used in various industries to act as a seal inside the system.

Common hydraulic seals are mainly O-shaped seal rings, round seal rings and square seal rings, etc. They have the advantages of simple structure, easy production, low cost etc., so they are widely used in hydraulic transmission systems. They are radially deformed in the seal groove and create a high initial contact stress on the seal surface to prevent leakage of pressure free liquid.

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When the hydraulic cylinder is working, the pressure liquid squeezes the self-sealing compression type hydraulic seal to further deform it, and generates a large pressure with the pressure liquid on the sealing surface, which is strictly speaking pressure. Increased additional contact stress, together with the initial contact stress, prevents leakage of pressurized liquid.

However, when the working pressure is greater than 10Mpa, in order to prevent a part of the synthetic rubber self-sealing type hydraulic seal from being squeezed into the sealing gap and being cut off in the reciprocating motion of the hydraulic cylinder which will cause a leakage, a compression resin retaining ring is provided on the pressure side of the tight hydraulic seal, such as a nylon retaining ring, a polyoxymethylene retaining ring and a filled PTFE retaining ring.

The sealing principle (mechanism) of the hydraulic rubber sealing ring involves two factors, one is the sealing of the cavity, mainly the positioning of the outer edge of the sealing member (static component) in the cavity; the second is the contact of the sealing lip with the surface of the rotating shaft dynamic sealing, which is an important function in the sealing ring principle. It depends on: the design of the rubber seal lip; the structure of the elastic material; the roughness of the shaft surface. The combination of the radial force of the sealing lip, the angular design of the sealing lip and the distance between the lip tip and the center of the spring creates a contact pressure that is asymmetrically distributed over the axial plane.

Since the synthetic rubber self-sealing compression type hydraulic seal has a large compression deformation when working, its static friction resistance is particularly large, and it is usually more than twice the dynamic friction resistance. Such a large static friction resistance in some low-pressure hydraulic transmission systems is bound to cause low-pressure creep and difficult operation, which is why the self-sealing compression type hydraulic seal is rarely used as a dynamic seal. So what are the characteristics of the hydraulic seals?

Good hydraulic rubber seals must meet the following characteristics:

  1. The frictional resistance should be small: avoid or reduce the undesirable appearance of low pressure crawling caused by hydraulic equipment;
  2. It has good compatibility: because the rubber sealing ring is immersed in hydraulic oil for a long time, it is easy to swell, be dissolved and hardened which will decrease the sealing effect, so the seal ring design is required to have good compatibility with hydraulic oil.
  3. The leakage should be very small when used: the leakage of the rubber sealing ring is required to be small to ensure the sealing effect is good, and the sealing effect is improved as the pressure increases;
  4. Long service life: Hydraulic rubber seals need to have good elasticity, heat resistance, cold resistance, pressure resistance, wear resistance and certain physical and mechanical strength, etc., and have a long service life.

YBAS uses supreme natural rubber. Natural rubber has high elasticity, slightly plasticity, very good mechanical strength, low hysteresis loss, low heat generation during multiple deformations, so its flex resistance is also very good. Southeast Asia’s climate and local special soils make rubber quality. Rubber trees like high temperature, high humidity, static wind and fertile soil. They are hot and rainy all year round, which is very suitable for rubber tree growth. The terrain in Southeast Asia is mostly mountainous, and the Himalayan volcanic seismic belt, volcanic activity is frequent, which provides fertile soil for rubber tree growth.

Good seals rely on advanced techniques for their display and production. Without excellent techniques, seal kits life span will be influenced. That’s basically the same as making bricks without straw. As the science and technology are developing together with the improvement of consumers’ judgment, people are no longer satisfied with simple pattern design and prefer tough parts that bring great user experience. YBAS adhere to high standard since its establishment.

In general, hydraulic seals are important for the great working of industrial automation. YBAS can offer high quality seal kits, it aims at achieving more.