The car belt is also called the car transmission belt, and its main function is power transmission. The drive belt on the car is responsible for driving the movement of all the parts. If it breaks, the car will not move. 

There are three types of belts commonly found in automobiles: a V-belt (a car V-belt or a side-cut belt), a V-ribbed belt (PK belt), and a timing belt.

In automotive applications, it is mainly installed in the position of crankshaft to cam, water pump, generator, air conditioner compressor, and steering assist pump of automobile engine.

The V-belt consists of three parts: the top fabric, the tension line and the bottom rubber; the V-ribbed belt is similar to the V-belt and is also composed of three parts: the top fabric, the tension line and the bottom rubber; the main difference is that the V-ribbed belt consists of multiple The miniature V-face is wider and thinner, giving it greater flexibility around the smaller drive wheel; allowing the V-ribbed belt (MICRO-V) to transmit power in a transmission. This transmission can drive multiple engine accessories to transmit power. Timing belt structure: top rubber plus fiber, tension line, bottom rubber. The tension line is made of a very strong fiberglass. The timing belt bottom layer consists of precision molded teeth.

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Some users reflex the belt in order to check the quality of the belt, this is not recommended. The belt is like a human arm. If it’s folded, the inside of the tissue is destroyed, especially the timing belt. Although it is very strong, the wire inside is made of glass fiber, they are very slim and delicate. If it is excessively bent in any direction, the glass fiber is easily broken. Therefore, the timing belt should not be stored casually, but should be packaged and sealed in the box until it is removed before installation.

First check the tension of the belt and choose to apply a moderate pressure with the thumb in the middle of the longest unsupported drive belt span. If the belt is pressed at a distance of about 10 mm, the belt tension is considered to be just right. If the belt tension is too large, or too loose, it may cause slippery teeth and incomplete transmission. If the belt is too tightly adjusted, the belt will be easily stretched and deformed, and the pulley and bearing will be worse. So the relevant adjustment nut or bolt should be loosened to adjust the tension of the belt to the optimum state. How to get the many parts of your car connected together in an orderly way? It depends on the role of the transmission belt! If there is a problem with the drive belt, our car will not move forward. Because the engine drives various auxiliary mechanisms through the belt drive, such as the compressor of the air conditioner, the power steering oil pump, the alternator, etc., if the belt slips or breaks, the auxiliary mechanism related to this will not operate normally, thus affecting the normal use of the car. Therefore, it is necessary to check the drive belt regularly.

The generator belt is the most important belt in the car, connecting generators, air conditioning compressors, booster pumps, idlers, tensioners and crankshaft pulleys. Its power source is the crankshaft pulley, the power is provided by the rotation of the crankshaft, and then the other components are driven together. When a small crack is formed on the surface of the belt that comes into contact with the pulley, it needs to be replaced. If a break occurs, the generator will not be able to generate electricity, the booster pump will fail, and the direction will not move. This is a very dangerous situation.

Car belts are not as bad as other car consumables. If the car belt is really broken, it will cause great damage to the engine. If it is serious, the engine will not work. If the belt breaks during driving, it will bring great security risks to the driving. The car engine belt is connected to the crankshaft to ensure the accuracy of the engine intake and ventilation time. Compared to gears, automotive engine belts produce less noise and drive more accurately. However, the frequency of rubber belt replacement in a car engine may be faster because the engine belt life of the car is shorter, so we have to check the car engine belt regularly.

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