Cryptocurrency based platforms share some of their coins to gain more capital and they sell it to the investors or Initial Coin Offering or ICO. Finding trusted investors for ICO is easy today because of ICObuffer. The information below explains what they offer to the users.

ICObuffer for Developers

ICObuffer is the best place for developers who have the cryptocurrency based platform. They can promote the platform to this website. The purpose is of course to share Initial Coin Offering or ICO program. As a developer, you don’t need to get confused about the way to find trusted investors to buy your coins. You just need to register your name as well as your platform to the website and use the features to find targeted investors. Your platform will be promoted on a list and your job is to give the detail clearly. Interestingly, you have a chance to meet up with 120.000 ICO investors only by joining this website. Hence, the chance to sell coins will be faster and easier so you can earn more money for capital before the deadline time. The most important, you can reach the target and goal just like what you are expected.

ICObuffer for Investors

As a cryptocurrency investor, you have to find a trusted platform just like what you want. You have to make sure that you are spending money in the sector you love most and earn benefits from it. Nowadays, you don’t need to take too long only to find the platforms you want to invest. ICObuffer is the place where trusted and reputable platforms and developers are gathered. Check the detail of each platform you want to invest to make sure that they still sell their coins. There will be information about the sales date, status, and rate. The information about sales date is helpful so you know how many days left the coin sale. The information about status is also important to know whether the coin sale is over or still upcoming or ongoing. There is also information about the rate so you can predict whether you want to invest in the platform or not.

Various Platforms

The platform is various including communication, business service, education, crypto currency, investment, software, and many more. Investors just need to find the platform to invest based on their favorite sector. Then, you just need to learn the detail to make sure about whether the platform has the great prospect in the future or not. At the same time, developers need to show the platform at its best. There are a lot of trusted investors come to this website and want to share their money for long-term investment. This website is accepting all sectors which have been integrating to cryptocurrency. In short, both of them get benefits from ICObuffer. If you are looking for strategies for crypto trading you can check out this site for more information.

Just signup now and check what you can do with the service especially to develop better crypto currency based platform and also to invest in those platforms. ICObuffer is supported by complete instruction so there will be no problem for first-time users.