Emphasize intellectual activities. Have teachers strongly committed to students. Constantly monitor themselves to become better. Are well integrated into the communities they serve. Composed of good classrooms where students are active participants. Page 206.

What makes a school good or bad? Is it the teachers, or is it the students? Is it the size of the school, or is it the location? Is it the facilities, or is it the technology used in the classroom? In my opinion, there are many different factors that make up a good school. I think having good teachers and faculty members is one of the most important characteristics of a successful school. I also believe that having adequate technology and facilities is crucial to having a quality education for students. However, I feel like having good students who are interested in learning and willing to work hard can also be an essential factor in determining whether or not a school is considered “good”.

In order for students to have a successful time at any high school, they must be willing to put effort into their education. If students do not want to learn anything new outside of what they already know then they will not get very far in life because it takes a lot more than just memorizing facts that you may never use again! A great example of this would be someone who learns how to play an instrument such as guitar but doesn’t practice regularly so they never improve at playing music!

There are many characteristics of a good school, but some of the most important ones include:

  1. A good school is committed to its students.
  2. A good school has high expectations for academic achievement and character development.
  3. A good school values learning in all areas—reading, writing, math, science, social studies, art and music.
  4. A good school has teachers who are knowledgeable about their subject area and enthusiastic about teaching it.
  5. A good school encourages all students to learn at their own level and pace through differentiated instruction and individualized support.  A good school provides a safe environment that fosters positive relationships between students and staff members.
  6. A good school engages families in the education process through parent involvement activities such as open house nights, parent-teacher conferences and book fairs.
  7. A good school should have qualified teachers who love teaching. They should be able to inspire students to learn new things and be creative at the same time. Teachers should also be patient, kind and respectful towards their students so that they can feel comfortable in class and learn better.
  8. A good school will also have facilities such as classrooms and laboratories which are well-equipped with everything that they need like computers, books etc. These facilities help students study efficiently when learning new concepts or topics from their lessons in class.
  9. The environment at a good school must be conducive for studying because if the weather outside is bad then it will distract students from focusing on their studies and cause them not to perform well in exams or tests which will affect their grades negatively for sure! So it’s important for schools to provide an environment that allows students to focus on their studies without being distracted by anything else.
  10. A good school is one that provides a safe and learning support environment where students can thrive. It also has teachers who are warm, caring and have an interest in working with children. A good school fosters a love for learning and encourages students to become lifelong learners.