So you have heard of cryptocurrencies and have heard of VPNs but are a little unsure of what a crypto VPN is? Well, you are not alone and for that reason, we are going to tell you a little more about them. The short version is quite simple – a crypto VPN is a virtual private network built on blockchain technology.

What is the Benefit of a Blockchain VPN?

Well, it is important to first understand what a VPN is meant to do. As you know, a VPN provides users with an encrypted tunnel that can connect to one of hundreds or even thousands of servers. The user then takes the physical identity of that server as it connects to the internet.

Once connected to the internet using a different IP to that of their computer, a user is able use the internet anonymously. ISPs, trackers, government agencies, hackers, and anyone else that wants to know what you are doing, is unable to.  

Sounds great right? Yes, if you can trust the VPN providers that you are using.

The only people that know your online activity is the VPN that you have signed up to use. Your data is valuable to all of those mentioned above that are trying to find it for themselves. It could be sold to third-party marketing companies for a start. Some VPN companies can rightly claim to be legit, just ask GetMorePrivacy. Others, on the other hand, might not be.

Blockchain VPNs are a solution to this possible problem. Blockchains and cryptocurrencies as a whole are decentralised. This means that no single entity owns them. To ensure that your VPN is not stealing and selling your data, considering a blockchain VPN would be a good idea.

They work in a similar way to the Tor browser. Rather than sending your data through an encrypted tunnel to one server, but instead sends it across a number of VPNs at the same time. Hackers, trackers and the rest cannot keep up with the route that is being used.

As for the blockchain VPNs themselves, they cannot see your online activity either. No single node on the route the VPN has taken is able to access the full stream of data – including those that developed the VPN.

In a Nutshell

A blockchain VPN is a VPN that eliminates the possibility of the one entity knowing your online activity. You could call them the perfect VPN doing what any virtual private network was ultimately designed for – to give you complete privacy when using the internet. THe only drawback is that blockchain VPNs do have one major flaw and that is a lack of speed. The complete randomness of the routing means that the connection speeds are quite low compared to standard VPN networks.