Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been receiving praises since its launch. The phone was launched almost immediately after the fail of Samsung Note 7 which was a huge disaster and had to be removed from the market. Since the launch, the phone has been reviewed on most websites. Whether you choose to buy online or in a physical shop, this compilation will guide you on some of the most exciting features of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Unique Design

The phone has a 6.3-inch screen with a display made of 2960 x 1440 Super AMOLED panel. The display offers users contrasting brightness depending on the setting. This feature makes it easy on the eyes. You can even choose to change to a dark setting by changing the display to the non-retina level. The edge to edge display of the Note 8 has a fingerprint sensor on the back which enhances on security.

Live focus

With the Note 8, you can focus on an image and also be in a position to blur the background. The blurring of the background is possible either before or after capturing the image. This feature is almost similar to the portrait mode in iPhone 7 plus. Live focusing of objects on the phone is made possible by the dual-lens camera.

Dual capture capability

The dual-lens camera system allows users to capture images by zooming them in and making it possible to capture the background on a different frame. Images captured on the dual capture mode appear as two images in one.

High performance

The phone has is rated among the best performing Android devices because it has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. Other than the processor, the Note 8 has a 6 GB Ram which also improves on its speeds.

Stylus Pen

Taking down of notes has never been easier. With the Note 8, you can now write down notes directly on the lock screen using the S pen. Surprisingly, you could write up to 100 pages while your screen is still turned off. Besides, you can also edit previously pinned notes for future use. Other than writing, you can also use the pen to highlight texts or draw. Samsung has also provided users with the S Dock where you can safely keep the pen when not using it.

The S pen can translate text written in a foreign language to the default set language on the phone. You can also convert currency using the same pen. Is that not amazing?

Phone as a PC

Most users don’t know that they can turn their phones into a PC by simply using the DeX station. You can then view more applications all at the same time and even play games on a wider screen. What’s more is that you can connect a keyboard, monitor, mouse, and enjoy the benefits of using your phone as a PC.

Live Messages

Apart from enabling users to take notes, the S pen can also be used for live messaging. You can use the feature to draw your preferred images, create GIF’s, and type messages using the pen. Reaching out to dear ones has become more fun with the new phone in the market. All you need is to get creative and send awesome messages to loved ones.

App pairing

Note 8 came with awesome features such as the app pairing one. This feature enables users to pair any two apps and use them on a multi-window. All you need to do is pair your desired applications such as Whatsapp and Facebook together on your home screen. Then, whenever you have notifications on each of the apps, you can view them on split mode.


The Note 8 has been a huge success in the market since its launch. This is particularly so since its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a disaster. Many people buy online and others choose to visit physical outlets. Some of the features that make the phone stand out to include the live messaging, the app pairing, dual-camera system, the Dex feature, live focus, and the extra RAM of 8 GB.