Finding the best employees to hire is a challenging thing. Hiring a new employee takes a lot of time and energy in every stage of the hiring process. At the same time, you also need to spend time on running your business team. SkillTestNow will increase the quality of prescreening and increase confidence in on-site technical interviews by only inviting those candidates that meet your technical standards. As a result you will reduce the number of on-site interviews, saving everyone a lot of time and money. Below are just a couple reasons of the value of SkillTestNow.

Provide You with Real Skill Testing

This service is considered a skill testing in a real environment, meaning if you’re looking for a developer, the candidate will be presented with a coding question, DevOps and System Administrator candidates with a server, etc. As the result, you will know if the skills the candidate put on their resume, actually match with reality. Every assessment is also based on real-live scenarios, like for example adding disk space to a live-running server. All assessments are also against time, simulating a stressful time at work and how the candidate will deal with it.

Easy 3-step Process along with an Detailed Scorecards

From a recruiter’s perspective the process of getting started and sending out assessments is very easy. All you need is a browser connected to the internet. After you logged in you choose an assessment, after which you receive a unique link from the system. You can then send that link to the candidate. Finally you’ll get an email within seconds after the assessment is finished with a link to the scorecard for that assessment. The scorecard is easy to understand, for both technical people and non-technical people and tells you whether to move on with this candidate, or not. It also outlines details about the assessment and overall statistics, in case you want to follow up futher.

Effective Technical Assessments

SkillTestNow currently offers assessments for programmers, System Administrators, and DevOps. Pre-built packages make it easy for you to choose the right package for the candidate. Packages are offered based on skill and experience level and vary in time depending what’ being tested. Assessments are made by technical people with several years of experience in the field of the skill offered, however feature requests can be made and is appreciated.

In summary

SkillTestNow allows you to hire candidates much more efficiently leveraging assessments that run in a real environment, detailed scorecards and overall a very quick and easy process to get started. Assessments come in packages based on the skills and experience level you’re looking for and will provide you with a lot of value, in particular around saving time and money in your hiring process. Get started today