When drones were introduced in the market, they used to be extremely expensive but currently, this situation has changed and drones are not as expensive as they used to be. This is what has allowed filmmakers as well as aerial videography enthusiasts to do something creative with the new products. As a beginner, you may have a hard time understanding the various cinematography techniques, which will help your film to stand out. However, you need to know that certain essential techniques will help you to understand the power associated with aerial cinematography.

Given below is a list of the essential techniques that will help you to get started with drone cinematography.

Aerial pan shots

A pan shot is normally captured when your camera is mounted on the tripod. In the case of drones, the tripod is normally replaced by gimbals along with the moving drone. It is going to be more complicated in comparison to simple pans but the visual effect is going to be much better. You can consider doing pan right or left when you are moving your drone backward and forward as this helps in adding sophistication to the shots. This method completely depends on what effect you are interested in achieving. Ensure that you are rotating the drone across the entire landscape and subject and you will get what you want.

Tracking shot

This is normally used when you are going parallel with your subject. Any tracking shot is choreographed in proper synchronization. The entire essence associated with this technique is matching up with the speed of the subject and focusing continuously on the subject at a particular composition point. This is a kind of shot that you are going to come across in the motion pictures most of the time, mostly in car commercials and sports events. You have to not only coordinate but also rehearse before taking the final shot.

Pedestal shot

This is a kind of shot where your drone is going to fly up and down without moving the camera. This method relies strictly on flying. This unique technique can be achieved with the help of jib arms or cranes, but it is obvious that the range that you are going to get through your drone is tremendous and gives you a lot of freedom. Pedestal shorts are normally used for displaying statues, monuments, or providing views from the sky. This kind of shot in drone cinematography can help in changing the entire game, by making the video looks unique and breathtaking.

Fly over

This is also a kind of shot that you are going to spot every time in commercials, TV shows, and music videos, as stated by www.blog.pond5.com. One of the easiest ways of filming a fly over shot is by choosing a particular object and landscape and concentrating on the camera movement around one particular subject. All this happens when the drone is flying continuously. Fly over shots are used for many purposes but mostly used when you are interested in placing your subject in any geographical perspective.


Certain drone cinematography techniques are extremely handy for beginners. Make sure that you are following the techniques that have been mentioned above so that you can excel in drone cinematography.