No matter how rapidly technology progresses, the design of most websites is far from perfect. And that’s because building a great site isn’t just about the RAM in your desktop computer – it’s about recognising and implementing great design.

Because of this, the skillset of web developers is grossly underrated. Yet these tech pros combine art with technology every day and, in their tussle to deliver the perfect balance between presentation and functionality, they manage to create an effective product that boosts their client’s ROI and customer experience.

And they’re not alone. If you work with a media agency to design a website, you’ll enjoy the services of a team of copywriters, graphic designers, PPC experts and managers who’ll work tirelessly to provide you with a site that’s slicker than a Maserati.

The world of media agencies is, however, loaded with shysters of the highest order. As with any industry, there are more fakers than players in the mix, and it’s up to you to know how to discern the A-grade pros from the Z-list nos.

It’s a daunting prospect, especially if you’re a world-renowned technophobe. To give you a helping hand, we’ve come up with a few simple tips to help you find a media agency that’s right for you.

The proof’s in the pudding

Imagine a company specialising in web design that doesn’t have a top-grade website of its own.

The thought might seem ludicrous – and yet that’s exactly how many agencies operate their business.

As they focus on the websites of others, these agencies have sites that would look out of date in 2006. The end result? A lack of trust from consumers, a downturn in profits and, eventually, the closure of their business.

A company has to show off its web development skills if it wants to stay relevant. Media agencies like Attercopia are a great example of this, evidencing that they’re dab hands with an excellent site that’s accessible and aesthetically pleasing.

The proof’s in the writing

Web design is only one element of an effective website. If the copywriting’s lacklustre or, worse, incomprehensible, then your customers will switch off in their droves.

Although there’s a technical element to writing for the web – SEO and effective metatext is a must – the rules of writing don’t actually change much when compared with print.

With that in mind, look up some basic writing tips before you hire a copywriter. If their text doesn’t conform to the basic rules of legibility or grammar, drop ‘em!

The extras aren’t extras

A lot of people look at elements like pay per click (PPC) or graphic design as an additional element of a site – and they couldn’t be more wrong.

If the agency you choose doesn’t have PPC specialists on staff, then it might be a good idea to part ways with them. Ditto for graphic designers. These are elements that will make customers flock to your site, so don’t let them fall by the wayside.

That’s our list! Are there any tips you think we’ve missed? The let us know in the comments below!

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