An IP PBX is a phone system that receives and makes calls over the internet. Instead of using old digital or analog technology to move phone calls, an IP PBX system uses Voice over International Protocol. This means your phone structure is no longer connect to physical phone lines, which are costly to maintain, but instead can transmit voice data over your existing online link. This decreases the cost of phone systems and make them simpler to maintain.

When PBXs were actually developed, wireline phone calls where the just type of electronic communication accessible. Today, the communications landscape has spread to include instant messaging, email, desktop sharing, video conferencing, mobile technology and SMS. Unified Communication that explains the process of combining all of these technologies and linking them with business procedure. Unified Communications aims to rise efficiency while simplifying management.

Advantages of an IP PBX

Affordable & reduced IT infrastructure

An IP PBX get rid of the need of dedicated phone lines, which are costly to maintain, and integrate data and voice networks into one. And, because calls are sent over the internet, they also decrease costs for international and local calls.

Advanced specs

IP PBXs are program-based phone systems. This provides more chance for the integration of other systems and inclusion of more capabilities, such as fax, chat, customer relationship management, platform integration and more.

Flexible development options

IP PBXs can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise, providing businesses the freedom to pick the communications solutions that is perfect for their organization.

Simple maintenance

Making even simple adds, moves or change, to phone systems based or traditional telephony technology are hard and often need the help of a technician. IP-based systems can be improved by in-house staff in a matter of minutes.

Improved multi-place communications

Many functions, such as directory services, voice message storage, endpoint administration, and international call routing, can all be handed at central place. This decreases the need for further equipment and personnel at the branch or more offices.


Bigger scalability

An IP-PBX system is more efficient than other IP phones being a Plug and Play technology. The IP-PBX system with IP phones can simply peak the calls volumes or replace according to the need of the business. Latest applications can be simply integrated with it which helps a little business to pick the perfect paths for the growth of its business.

B2B communication enhancement

B2B communication is vital for little business in order to ensure that the workers or agents of an organization are well linked with each other. An IP-PBX system permits every user of the enterprise to use a certain external number which improves the B2B communication and makes it simpler for the enterprise to analyze the business needs of the firm.

Protection of privacy

As an IP-PBX system jobs within an organization, it encrypts the private detail of the enterprise which can help your little business to save your strategical detail and content from your rivals.