Did you ever think that your wrist watch can do many other things either than showing time or date? Yes, you can do many other things with the help of your watch if it is smart. Wearing normal traditional watches has gone old fashioned now because the entrance of smart watches has changed the whole scenario. It is the latest technology which came into existence by integration of both wristwatch and smartphone.

It is an innovative technology that lets you operate the standard functions of the smartphone with the help of a simple wearable watch. The functionalities and capabilities of the smart watch are almost same to the smart phone. The sensors smart watch such as accelerometer, gyroscope and compass etc integrates with your smart phone and enable you to perform various operations such as:-

• Running or closing mobile apps
• Connecting to the internet
• Sending text or video messages
• Picking up or disconnecting call
• Providing weather updates
• Fitness monitoring capabilities
• Voice command feature
• Location tracking and offering GPS coordinates.

It is amazing to know that this small device can do so many things along with just showing time. Here we will discuss the best smart watches of this era. It will help you to choose the right one.

Top 5 best smartwatches are…


• Apple Watch Series 2

Apple is among the best electronics companies since they started selling their computers and smart phones in the market. The apple watch series 2 is another milestone in the path of their success. This smart watch is very powerful and versatile which is wearable for both men and women. An apple watch app is installed in smart phone which is the medium of integration in both devices. The hardware quality if this watch is unbeatable that is why it stands at the first place in the category of smart watches. The GPS and sensors used in this watch provide a better experience than any other device in this category. The heart rate monitoring system, waterproof feature and 2 days battery backup have made it an ideal watch. You have to spend $369 for purchasing this wonderful watch from e-commerce websites.

• Samsung Gear S3

If you are searching for a smart watch with versatile compatibilities then nothing is better than Samsung gear S3. It is capable of connecting with both android and Samsung devices. This smart device has very stylish looks as well as impressive hardware too. The gear S3 is not just water resistant watch but it is also a fantastic fitness tracker. You can monitor the exact walking distance, steps and heart rate with the help of this watch. It enables you to scroll through apps, messages and long texts by just turning the bezel present on the dial. The company claims to provide a 4 days battery backup after charging once. It is compatible with any android device higher than 4.4 KitKat. You can connect it with your smart phone with the help of Bluetooth, NFC or wifi.

• Motorola moto 360 (second generation)

It is a very powerful smart watch which stood at thirds place only because of 2nd generation technology. It is equipped with snapdragon 400 processor which is very powerful for the processing of any smart watch. This smart watch has an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the screen light of watch according to outer environment. Along with wired charger, it also supports wireless charging that means you watch will never remain away from your wrist. It is available on the internet with both metal and leather strips. The IP67 standard of dust and water-resistant has made this watch tough and durable enough to wear at any kind of work place.

• Withings steel HR

If you want a smart watch of metal needles along with digital output then withings steel hr is best one for you. It is actually a hybrid watch which has analog functions of showing time plus digital functions of showing smart phone activities. You can consider it as a unique smart watch which will be loved by traditional as well as digital watch users.

It is capable of monitoring all the physical activities like running, swimming, dancing or playing. In normal circumstances, it monitors the heart rate after few minutes but while intense workout like gym or running, it will read your heart rate continuously. With basic activity usage, the battery of this watch will last till 25 days. It takes $180 to own this beautiful hybrid smart watch.

• LG watch sport

LG is known for its decent electronic devices in almost every field. While talking about its smart watch, you will definitely get some rich features including GPS, LTE, and NFC connectivity. The OLED display with 348 pixels per inch pixels density is really a screen which is better than any other device in its category. As it comes with the tag of sport, you can use it for both indoor and outdoor physical activities. It means smart watch can be used to measure the reps of the gym as well as steps of running or strokes of swimming too. This stylish watch can be yours by paying $349 to google or LG store.


  1. Smart watches are changing the technology world very fast, We all love to do many things in Mobile, but now more relaxment and benefits in fast live life with all ways to use these all great smart watches. Well i also having Samsung gear watch which is awesome smart watch gadget.