It is never late for businesses to plan and invest in reliable technology for the bumps ahead. Microsoft has always been a top choice for most businesses and non-profit organizations. Their products are consumer-friendly and dependable.

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Microsoft software products are easily accessible, not to mention designed to fit every user’s needs. While 2020 may feel different from the past, it’s the perfect time to lay your hands on the new Microsoft software products.

In this article, you will find a collection of the top ten Microsoft software products to try for your business growth.

1. Power BI

You should try out Power BI for all your business analytical needs, designed to offer artificial intelligence and interactive visualization capabilities. It is preferred to similar products due to its simple user interface for creating reports and dashboards.

You should check out Power BI comparison with other similar products.

2. Device Finder

This tool is crafted to help you find the most suitable device for specific problems. Rather than searching for devices based on their features, you can now search as per your needs, thus saving time.

3. Microsoft Hello

Microsoft Hello is a Windows security feature. It incorporates biometric security, allowing you to lock and unlock your Windows 10 by fingerprint or face. You need an IR camera for this feature to work.

4. Microsoft 365

You can now download the Microsoft Office premium subscription and enjoy a one-year subscription. With software users’ needs changing often, Microsoft is looking to accommodate them through the downloadable Microsoft 365 version. The software is available for Mac and PC users.

5. Surface Studio

This is one of the latest free Microsoft software products. It is more of a computer, mainly meant for content creators. You can use it as a tablet or slide the screen down to use it as a drafting table.

6. Windows XP

Windows XP resulted from the subsequent windows operating system improvements. The Windows version has always been most people’s favorite due to its user-friendly interface.

7. Visual Studio

If you enjoy computer programming, mobile applications, and web services development, Visual Studio is made with your needs in mind. Users love it for its unmatched flexibility and development tools, frameworks, and languages. The recent improvements to its interface make development more efficient.

8. Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is among the few browsers that have surpassed the test of time. One of the features that make this browser standout is its compatibility with old websites, thus offering fast access to the web.

9. Windows 95

There are many lovable Windows 95 features, including its excellent functionality, program manager, print manager, Windows file manager, and a dynamic interface. This Windows version comes with built-in internet support and Internet Explorer for convenience.

10. Microsoft Office

This Microsoft software product isn’t new. It’s hard to imagine a computer without text editors, and Microsoft never gets tired of launching new and better versions. From Powerpoint and Microsoft Word to Excel, users have all the tools for easy content creation, editing, and management.

Microsoft Software Products Have You Covered

Whether you’re into visual or written content creation or looking for ways to maximize your computer’s security, Microsoft software products are at your service. You can also check out the latest 2020 Microsoft software products. Rest assured, you will find something that meets your needs!

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