Whether you’re an engineering student or an entrepreneur trying to figure out their taxes, you need a calculator. Commercial calculators have been around for more than 200 years, but they are still needed more than ever for a wide range of tasks.

For calculating ratios, percentages, complex mathematic equations, or budgeting expenses, you need the best math calculators out there to get the job done. With that in mind, here is your guide to the very best math and scientific calculator options in 2020.

1. Best Scientific Calculator: Texas Instruments TI-84 CE

If you are looking for the best algebra, calculus, and sig fig calculator on the market right now, you can’t do better than the Texas Instruments TI-84 CE.

Texas Instruments has been the supplier of choice for engineers, scientists, and college students for decades now, owing to the staggering range of options available on its user-friendly devices. This incredibly powerful calculator is best suited to those who work for large companies, as the price tag for this one starts at around $200 a pop.

2. Best Scientific Calculator Online: Desmos

If you are a student who cannot afford to shell out hundreds of dollars on a calculator, you will have to make do with an online calculator. However, this is no problem. Online scientific calculators are free of charge and can often do everything that their paid counterparts can do.

If you are looking for a scientific calculator that has the range that you need, make sure to hit up www.desmos.com for instant access to the kind of classic scientific calculator that will meet the vast majority of your mathematical needs.

3. Best Online Tax Calculator: iCalculator

Tax season is fast approaching, meaning that you might be tearing your hair out right now trying to calculate your dividends and deductions for the year. Fortunately, there are now free online calculators that will help you easily calculate all of your tax obligations in just a few minutes.

The best one available on the web right now is undoubtedly www.icalculator.info, which even has country-specific tax calculators, so you can automatically take your home country’s tax percentages into account. This one will save you a ton of stress on tax day.

4. Best Budget Calculator: Casio 6×4 Graphing Calculator

If you work in engineering or economics, you probably need a graphing calculator. However, it is no secret that these can easily run you up a bill of hundreds of dollars.

Fortunately, the world-renowned manufacturer Casio has answered our prayers and finally released a genuinely budget-friendly graphing calculator. The Casio 6×4 graphing calculator comes with a full-color display and all of the features you need, all while retailing for as little as $80.

5. Best Math Calculators for Financial Planning: Smart Asset

Finally, if you need a calculator to help you come up with a household budget and save for retirement, then the internet has answered the call once again.

Check out the free budgeting calculator at www.smartasset.com if you need to calculate how much you should be saving for retirement, how much you can expect to receive in dividends this year, and just about any other financial planning metric you can think of.

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