With the advancement in internet facilities, Video sites become the major platform in sharing the videos both small and large efficiently on the internet. It is convenient to upload the videos on the site so that others could view them for academy purposes, entertainment, marketing and many more. Here is the list of Top 10 Video Sharing Websites that includes

  1. Youtube:

YouTube is the best video sharing website that has more than 500 million users for uploading and sharing the video clips through the website. It’s be worthy of top the list. Here, you can watch high quality videos, trailer, and movies as you want. YouTube application is also available for the Smartphone, Window Phones, iPad and iPhone and the application uses HTML5 and Adobe Flash player technology for displaying the wide variety of user generated videos.

Website: https://www.youtube.com/

  • Vimeo:

Vimeo becomes one of the fastest growing video platform among internet users. Commercial contents could be uploaded on the vimeo and many users are watching the high quality videos on the website. Vimeo has 24 million registered users with 51% traffic from mobile devices. Premium account holder gets more benefits that includes uploading unlimited HD videos, albums, unlimited channels and groups. Vimeo also announced the business PRO account for the business and commercial use that is supported by the third party video player with advanced analytics.

Website: https://vimeo.com/

  • Yahoo View:

Yahoo View is the video hosting website that provides you On Demand Video Streaming Services.Watch free movies online, TV shows, Anime and other media video streaming options are enabled on the website. Yahoo view contents are randomly changed based on premium entertainment content, viral videos, current events, comedy clips and many more for encouraging the user. Yahoo also offers the social network interface that helps the user to share the video with family and friends.

Website: https://view.yahoo.com/

  • Dailymotion:

Dailymotion is the French based video sharing and hosting service available for 34 languages. Dailymotion offers the simple and functional video upload as well as browsing system so that the user could also follow the videos recommended to them. Subscribing to the channels enables the user to get instant notification for the trendy videos on the social media platform. Users can also view their own videos on Facebook which would be easier for inspiring friends. Of course, Dailymotion stands in the most popular of video streaming website. It allows the user to watch the Movies, Television shows and many more anywhere and anytime on web.

Website: https://www.dailymotion.com/

  • Twitch:

Twitch.tv is one of the advance live streaming video sharing website that is developed by the famous Justin. In the Twitch platform, it is convenient to find about top video shows from the gaming world. There are benefits that watching video site can offer. However, when you visiting Twitch home page, you will see lot of channel list in left side like MDLDisney, Ninja, Dota2RuHub and more. If you’re gaming lover, you can join the Twitch community and watch the best live streams from anywhere.

Website: https://www.twitch.tv/

  • MetaCafe:

MetaCafe is a video sharing online platform that enables the viral videos set with its own standard. MetaCafe videos are more liked and viewed by viewers. The platform also offers the user to upload the video clips and get more number of dollars. MetaCafe offers more number of services with completely free and the MetaCafe user could create their own channel to publish the contents, comments on clips, follow other channels, interact with others, collaborate and provide feedback to the other users on MetaCafe. The users will also get instant notification about the latest updates. Celebrities like Justin Beiber and Karmin are also from viral videos forum.

Website: http://www.metacafe.com/

  • Vine:

Vine platform has been developed by Rus Yusupov, Colin Kroll and Dom Hofmann. Vine online platform is viewed by millions of people for its quality video sharing options. Vine supports the social networks like Facebook and MySpace. Vine service is most supported for the music and comedy oriented videos. Vine application also supports the Android, iOS Windows. Vine application is also available in 25 languages and the App acts as the best video clip sharing service that also allows the user to record and upload within 6 seconds. Revine functions are enabled for sharing the posts with other followers.

Website: https://vine.co/

  • Live Leak:

Live Leak offers the video sharing website that is founded by Hayden Hewitt company in the year 2006. Live Leak website section also allows the user to post the videos based on the many different video platform. Live leak platform also aims to cover all the war clips, politics, world events and reality footage. The Live leak also provides huge number of categories that includes Ukraine and Syria. More than 465K people have liked this website on the Social Media like Facebook.

Website: https://www.liveleak.com/