There are hundreds of hydration packs for runners and it makes you get confused to choose the best one sometimes. You can read the tips below to buy the best hydration pack based on your need. Later, you can run comfortably, keep hydrated, and keep you away from back injuries.

The Design of the Hydration Pack

The first thing to consider while choosing a hydration pack for runners is the design. You have to make sure that the design is convenient with the shape of your back. There is a case that you don’t want to have a flexible hydration pack which you can put anywhere you want. If it is so, try to consider a hydration pack with clips so you can attach it anywhere you want and bring it more comfortable than just hold it on the back. Some runners really care about the stylish design because it increases their confidence. Fortunately, there is a significant improvement on hydration pack and there are several stylish and high-quality hydration packs for runners in the market.

The Type of the Tank

The next consideration is the tank. There are three different types of tank used in the hydration pack, which are a tank with a lid, a tank with clips, and a tank with a lid and clips. For a simple application, a hydration pack with a lid tank is a good option. If you want to use a flexible pack in which you can remove and wash the tank, just take the hydration pack with clips tank. A hydration pack with a lid tank and clips is the most expensive but it is used for those who love to use a multifunction pack. Moreover, you have to make sure that the tank is made of a BPA-free material. This type of material is a safe and healthy option because the material protects the water without changing the color, smell, and taste.

The Pipe and Valve

You also need to check the pipe and the valve. The pipe and the valve have to be durable enough and free from leaking. Just check the installment and make sure that the pipe is attached perfectly and in the right place. The pipe has to connect the water smoothly to your mouth when you want to drink anytime and anywhere while running.

The Volume of the Tank

Don’t forget to calculate the level of water you want to bring while running. It is strongly related to the volume of the tank. The hydration pack is supported by various tanks from 1 liter to 3 liters. A smaller tank is suitable for a short walk or jogging to keep you fresh and hydrated. Let say, you can choose the 1 liter to 1.5 liters for regular jogging. You can also decide the tank by analyzing the running area. If it is a lack of water area, you have to bring a hydration pack with a bigger tank. You also need to bring a bigger tank if you want to run in a long distance running area.  

Thermal Protection

What type of water did you bring while running? Is it hot or cold water? It is an important question so you can decide whether you have to buy a hydration pack with thermal protection or not. The best option is purchasing hydration packs for runners with a neoprene case.