Good communication is one of the most crucial things for almost everything. In a work environment, communication even plays a bigger role. In the office, it’s all about how effective the team can work together. And this can only be possible with good communication. An office project often requires the collaboration of teams from multiple departments that may not be able to work together in the same room all day long. This is where a powerful instant messenger app can make a difference between the success and failure of the collaboration.

Internal Messenger Apps

Instant messaging is a very popular communication tool nowadays. When face-to-face communication is not possible, text messaging can be a good way to communicate. Instant massaging allows us to send text messages to others or even a group of people through an app. The message will be delivered instantly andthe receiver can respond to the message right away. While most of us are very familiar and probably often use online instant messenger app, there’s an internal messenger app that only works within the internal computer network, such as office internal network or corporate internal network. This type of messenger app usually works through LAN network and doesn’t require internet connection.

Advantages of Using Internal Messenger Apps

There are several reasons why using an internal messenger app is a better option within the office environment. Those reasons include:

–       Security

This is the biggest reason why an internal messenger app is needed. Only computers within a local network can send and receive messages and it prevents access to an unauthorized party. More importantly, an internal messenger app is secured with encryption algorithm to prevent data leak outside the internal network.

–       No internet connection needed

Not only does it save money, with no need for an internet connection, it also means that the communication through an internal messenger app won’t be interrupted as a result of internet lags. It is also more secure, as there is no risk of computer malware or virus infection.

–       Easy installation and setup

An Internal messenger app can easily be installed and setup even by someone with no technical knowledge of computer networks. It doesn’t require a server with a specific piece of software to work.

–       Beyond text message

There are many features offered by an internal messenger app. Beyond peer-to-peer instant messaging, the features vary from group or conference chat, notification broadcast, file transfer, desktop sharing, and many more. Each user can customize the interface and setup.

One of the LAN messenger apps ideals for an instant messaging platform within an internal network is Realpopup Office chat. This app is an upgrade of the popular WinPopup instant messenger, and like the old version, RealPopup offers the same simplicity and stability while also offering a better security and even more powerful features. The internal communication within the office network is secured with an advanced AES encryption algorithm. Seamless collaboration between employees will be more efficient with powerful features like document and file sharing, as well as desktop sharing. The app’s interface is easy to use with a quick access to the different features it offers. Secure, powerful, and easy to use; those are required for an internal messenger app to work effectively.