Writing essay is one of the most important parts of being a college student. Unfortunately, there are many college students who can’t write essays properly and even resort to plagiarism. Speaking of plagiarism, it turns out that many students do it unintentionally. They don’t mean to claim somebody else’s work, but since they wrote their opinions in the wrong way, it looks like they have committed plagiarism. So, to make sure you will not put your grades on the line, here are some tips to avoid plagiarism.

Learn How to Paraphrase and Use Quotation Mark

The thing about writing an essay is you have to use various sources to back your argument. However, you can’t blatantly write every single word you read from the source because that is called plagiarism. So, you need to learn how to paraphrase. This is very important because you will definitely paraphrase a lot when writing an essay. Paraphrasing is changing what you read from the source into your own words without changing the meaning.

Besides paraphrasing, you also can use quotation mark. It is much easier from paraphrasing because you can simply write what you read from the source from word to word. However, not everything can be put inside a quotation mark. You have to choose the most important words that will lose their meaning and impact if you change them into something else.

Don’t Forget to Cite Your Sources

Even if you have paraphrased and properly use quotation mark, if you don’t cite the sources, you are still plagiarizing. So, you also must learn how to correctly cite your sources. Ask your professors which citation style they want you to use and you have to stick with it. Citing sources from books, journals, newspapers and other materials will be different, so consult the manual every time you need to make citations.

Use Essay Writing Service

Mastering the art of writing essays is not easy. With such a tight deadline and not enough time to write and proofread your essay, it is possible that you commit plagiarism by accident. In this case, it is best to just use an essay writing service. However, you have to be careful because unprofessional essay writing service will blatantly plagiarize someone else’s work and put your grade in danger. If you want to be sure that you are hiring a professional writer, go to TopReviewStars to read reviews about the best online writing service.

There is a huge misconception about hiring a professional writer to write your essay. It is actually not only about being lazy because you actually can learn many things from this. Learning to paraphrase and express your opinion without seems like you are copying someone’s idea is not easy. You can use the essay written by the writer you hire as an example of how to avoid plagiarism. You can find out the correct way to paraphrase, how to present a nice argument, which in the end of the day will make you a better writer.