Talking about recommended WordPress donate platform, Donorbox is a platform you can use. The platform is not only useful for non-profit organizations or anyone who want to find donation but also for people who want to donate. There are several things which make the platform stated as the best donation platform.

Compatible with WordPress Official Websites

Donorbox is compatible with any non-profit organizations which have WordPress official website. By the time they have an account the organization is able to embed the platform on their official website and connected to the donation form. The process to embed the platform is also easy because the organization just need to copy and paste shortcodes to their website and save the changing. The plugin works by connecting people who want to donate by clicking the embed plugin.

Well Designed Donation Form

Non profit organizations don’t need to explain or even create their own form because donorbox is already designing it. The form is divided into three different parts which are the donation amount, personal information, and payment method. People who click the embed plugin on the WordPress official website will be directed to donation form and complete it. Then, you have to complete the personal information form including your first name, last name, email, phone number, postal code, and many more. The next thing to do is deciding the payment method. There are several payment methods compatible with Donorbox including PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and many more. Just make sure that everything is correct and you are ready to donate your money to the organization you want monthly.

Sophisticated Features

The best thing about Donorbox is on its features. The platform is supported by various features which installed to support the donation process runs well. For example, there is a feature which used to give a short description of the organization as well as the amount of money people wants to donate. By using this feature, people know why they have to donate and to make sure that they are donating to the right organization. Most people want to donate right away by the time they read the information. To fill this intention, Donorbox is supported by donation button. Non-profit organizations just need to embed the “donate now” button and let people click it and follow the instruction to donate their money. People love to use Donorbox because they don’t need to exchange the money first. They can donate with any kind of currencies even in the different type of currency.

Great Protection System

Organizations can also collect data from their donors. The most important, the data is safe on the database system. There will be no any charge on the process and it is free! Because of its simplicity and sophisticated system, Donorbox is classified as the best donation platform. The platform is compatible for most devices so whether organizations or people who want to donate can use and set the donation form comfortably anytime and anywhere they want.