The Importance of Checking Website Speed

You must know the speed of your website while managing its SEO. The purpose is to know the loading speed as well as the performance of the website. Visitors tend to avoid slow speed because they have to wait too long only to enter your website. Definitely, they love to visit a fast website so they can find what they are looking for right away. Try to use check website speed service provided by SEO Juicer to know how fast your website is.

Steps to Use Check Website Speed Service from SEO Juicer

The steps to use check website speed service at SEO Juicer are easy to do. First, you have to go to the official website. Then, go to the list of SEO tools on the left bar of the website. There are several options there and because you want to check a website speed, you just click the website speed test link. Now, you will see a website speed checker box and a short explanation about the importance of checking website speed. Just enter the URL of your website to the website speed checker and click the analyze button. You don’t have to wait too long and see the result in a few seconds. From the analysis, you know the website speed. If it is fast enough, you should find ways to keep it up. On the other hand, if your website is slow and heavy, you have to find some ways to fix the issues. Just remember, visitors love to visit a fast website and it is also very important to boost the SEO.

Fast Website Speed VS Slow Website Speed

You must know the reason why maintaining website speed is very important in SEO. Your website is like a place to welcome visitors around the world to see it. Just imagine if they have to wait the loading time too long. Try to compare to a website which can be load fast along with friendly features. Definitely, visitors love to visit the second website. In relation to SEO, fast speed website attracts more visitors to come including reputable visitors. The more visitors come to your fast speed website search engines will classify it as a trusted website. The chance to see the website on the first page and even first rank are bigger. Visitors tend to correlate speed with professionalism. Let say, if they can open your website less than 3 seconds, they think that the website is a professional. As the result, they will explore your website deeper. Unfortunately, visitors left your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Slow speedtest website is a serious problem because it reduces conversion significantly. Without proper solution from professional, the speed reduces visitors and traffic and it means to disturb the SEO. For your information, all of the websites on the first page or rank are considered as fast speed website. For that reason, you must check the website speed as one of important elements in SEO. The good news, check website speed service from SEO Juicer is a fast solution to find out the speed as well as to know what kind of issues you need to fix.