Most corporations today use proxy servers as the standard operating procedure when connected to the internet. However, SMEs may not have had the resources to fully understand why all businesses, large and small, should be using a proxy service. Bear in mind that proxies give you a different IP address as often as you set it up to do so, meaning that no one ever needs to know where your business is located. With that in mind, here are five business cases where using a proxy service is a must – an absolute must at that!

1. Anonymity

There are times when it is suggested that SMEs hide behind the anonymity of Virtual Private Networks, VPNs, but that presents whole other set of problems to deal with. VPNs can be slow to access with data overloads on many servers. In business, time is money so you can’t afford to wait for lengthy file transfers. If you want to remain anonymous for any reason whatsoever, a good proxy service is the answer.

2. Marketing Analytics through Advert Verification

Have you ever wondered how your adverts are doing in other locations? If you deal with clients and/or customers outside your local market area, you can log on from an IP address in that geographic location to see if your target audience is being reached. It’s ingenious really, and quite useful when you want to follow up on what your marketing team is doing.

3. When Harvesting Data Regularly

There are times when you want to scrape data from the Web, but this can cause issues. Understand that packets of information are rapidly being transported in quick succession and too many requests can alert the other server to shut you out. In a case like this, all you need to do is quickly change your IP address and continue scraping!

4. Local Discounts for Your Mobile Team

Sometimes you have a mobile crew that services other areas of the country. Have you ever noticed that things like airlines and hotels offer discounts based on the location of the online browser? Regional discounts can save your company a lot of money if you know how to qualify for them. A proxy service is the tool you need for that.

5. Security

Although not least in line, security is an important reason to use proxy services. Too many times hackers try to follow you back to your mainframe by tracking your IP address. They gain access to your system, after which they can do untold amounts of damage. They can steal important data being stored on your machine or upload a devastating virus to your system. This could result in irrecoverable data loss which can potentially put your company out of business.

These are just the top five business cases for using a proxy service. Once you understand just how critical it is for your business to mask its presence online, you’ll know that this is really the safest way to stay connected. It just makes good business sense all round.