The 2017 iPhone has already become talk of town and several reports have claimed that the new iPhone will have modifications in the Touch ID. The upcoming version is also likely to explore a 2-step recognition system. A latest report has revealed some of the expectations with Apple’s 2017 version. Apart from having biometric identification technology, this iPhone will also boast of having elegant and intimidating structural changes. On comparing with its predecessor’s the phone can also have flexibility to some point. Apple regularly change their product roadmap and has been in the habit of bring out the most advanced and classy phones for the Apple lovers.

What’s New in this version?

On the basis of evaluations made by some of notable analyst, Apple is also likely to do hardware changes in the upcoming version. The new generation of iPhone series will have updated 3D touch ID to complement its full screen form factor design. The speculations about upcoming iPhone have also revealed that the flexible OLED panel of upgraded apple device will be accompanied with a metal structural part. This metal part will firmly be draped around the flexible iPhone body and also prevent the OLED panel from getting deformed.

Predictions by notable analyst

Ming-Chi Kuo is KGI securities analyst and has a good track record of making great predictions about modifications and changes in Apple’s hardware changes. His latest report have revealed some of the expectations with 2017 iPhone 7 and changes that are likely to be made in the upgraded version. He believes that the touch ID system will be zoned out in favor of the facial feature recognition system. The present models have IRIS scanning, which works great because it works in the dark as well. But the makers are not going to settle with that only, they have got a lot more to impress the customers and rule the market, like they always have!

Facial recognition or Bio-recognition

The technical change of the facial recognition feature includes several factors ranging from algorithms, hardware design, and also the built-out of the database. All these will work in a way to generate verification and authentication to unlock the device. This appears like it’s going to be a little time consuming, but we need to wait till the phone is in our hand. Apple can fully replace the facial recognition system for unlocking the device, but the combination of the bio-recognition sounds like a valid solution. This will eventually enhance the transaction security.

Lots of rumors are being made about the Apples’ iPhone that is yet to be launched, and one of the most talked about rumors is that Apple is planning to eliminate out the home button entirely in the new version of iPhone. There also is a persistent talk that the phone will come out without a bazel. No matter what changes have been made and what new features have been added to the 2017 iPhone, the Apple lovers can barely keep their excitement for the release of their favorite product.