The Internet has changed the face of the earth. No one can think of a life without the internet now. The internet is nothing if it did not have the hardware that helps us access the internet. The routers and the modem is another discovery in this world that makes us uses the internet so efficiently. With the technology that is expanding and modifying, certain risk has also been incorporated into it. We need to be updated and make sure that our devices and the connection are secure or else we are most likely to be a shame to the internet.

Routers are used in all commercial and corporate institutions. The router is the one responsible for receiving the fast and slow data rates. You have to look how to find the router ip to your IP address. The latest the router, the more data speed you are expected to get. Well over time, the data speed reduces. There are certain factors that influence the data speed of the router. Here are some of the reasons that may influence the speed of the internet.

Router placement

The placement of the router is an important aspect to get faster internet. Many people tend to neglect it, but the perfect place to position a router is very important. This thing is also a mystery. One has to keep placing it at various places to test if it actually works best there. However, here is a guide that may help you to find the spot faster.

  • Place it at a height: Don’t just place the router anywhere you feel. There is a problem with a lot of people who looks for the outlet plugs in the router and leaves it there on the ground. This is the reason for a weak signal. The router should be placed at a higher level. You can take it this way, the signal is easily spread over the room when it is at a height rather then it would if placed lower. The radio waves would struggle to go up to that height the receiving device is in.
  • Don’t place behind any obstacle: The radio signals has a property that makes it capable to penetrate through concrete. However, that is not the case always. The concrete or metal surface tends to obstruct much of the radio waves or make it very difficult to pass data around the surfaces. Hence, always place the router that has a direct connection to the operating devices. Avoid placing it in an area that has a lot of concrete and would require penetration. This would slow the Wi-Fi network and restrict data.
  • Look at the distance: The distance of the router is another important thing to look. The closer the device the stronger the signal the device will receive. Hence, make sure that the router is close to you. If you want to provide the network with 3 rooms then keep the router at the center of the room. Don’t place it in one corner of the room because that won’t supply sufficient network strength to the user at the end of the room. Almost all the router is bidirectional and is capable to supply network in a 360-degree

Wireless interference

We are all surrounded by radio waves. All the electronic devices exert waves and this cause interference within a router. This makes the router really slow. However, all the devices work on different bandwidth and release different radio waves, but that is enough to cause interference. Search the internet with how to find the router ip to get to know your IP address. Interference is a reason for the router’s network to go slow. Here are the devices that cause the most interference.

  • Microwave oven: The signals that come out from the cell tower are a microwave. The microwave is used to transmit data over a long distance. They are strong waves that can penetrate through any walls or obstacles. The microwave oven transmits the same microwave, hence you can have an idea how strong the signals are. The microwave oven works in a 2.45 GHz band which is extremely close to 2.4 GHz of the router. This is the reason for the greatest interference. However, the microwave oven is well shielded to prevent any signal to get out from the device. However, the faulty oven can cause leaks of the microwave signals and cause interference. So keep checking the oven to avoid interferences.
  • Bluetooth: The Bluetooth also uses the 2.4 GHz band to transfer devices. Hence, the Bluetooth devices also cause interference. However, the Bluetooth signal is protected in such a way to prevent the interference and to avoid leaked data. The Bluetooth technology uses frequency hopping to make the inference not possible but faulty Bluetooth devices can also make the interference possible.

The neighborhood

Most people in the present world live in an apartment where the homes are in close contact with each other. All of them have a router that works in the 2.4GHz band. The router that is placed in close proximity to the same band will interfere with each other. This no doubt would degrade the network signal of the devices. Hence, place the router far away from the one that the other home has placed its router. This would reduce the interference to a certain extent.

In addition to that, some may even try to get into your network and would congest your network, if your password were weak. For that reason always give a strong password. It is a good habit to look into the network for an unexpected device connected to the network. Do change the password regularly as well to make it a trouble for one who is trying to guess your password.


If you have slower data speed then you should be looking into the above thing to make sure that everything is fine. There is not one reason that makes the speed of the internet slow. Hence, all the factors should be checked carefully. If your device is not that old and you don’t find any problem then you must consult the service center of the manufacturer to get it repaired. However, if the router is outdated then you should consider a new one because the router has a lifeline after which it is expected to provide slower data rates.