If there are photos, videos or documents, you may need some of them back. But is it even possible to recover overwritten files? If you need a simple answer, the answer is a yes. However, many people do not know much about the process of overwriting recovery files.

Many people believe that only experts can recover overwritten files. However, overwriting recovery files is a fairly easy process, as long as you have the correct file recovery software. You may be able to see that there are lots of tools to recover overwrite files. However, not all of these hard drive recovery tools can do a good job. In fact, some of these recovery tools can make your computer vulnerable to various threats. Some of them do not actually do what they promise. Therefore, it is extremely important to select a good file recovery software to do a job.

The purpose of this article is to highlight the most powerful and efficient hard drive recovery software in the industry. We did a lot of research for you and ended up with EaseUS file Recovery software for Windows and Recover for Mac. We have chosen them as the best tools to recover overwritten files on Mac or Windows for various reasons. From now on, let’s see how to recover overwritten files using them.


Main Features Of EaseUS Hard Drive Recovery Software:

  • Powerful and easy in use
  • Recovered all files like deleted files, formatted files, virus attack files and many more
  • Supports all types of storage media
  • You can export and import scan result of your computer
  • It recovers all data from the damaged hard drive
  • 100% safe and virus free file recovery software
  • Provide simple user interface everyone can use it easily
  • You can search deleted files by its name, file type, date, or extension
  • The quality of the recovered video is best


Device Supported By the EaseUS File Recovery Software:

PC/laptop, Hard Drive, External Disk, SSD, iPod, RAID, CF/SD Card, Zip Drive, USB Drive, Micro Card, Memory Card, Camcorder, Digital Camera, Mobile Device, Music Player, Video Player, Pen Drive and 0ther Devices


File System Supports By The EaseUS Hard Drive Recovery Software:

FAT(FAT12,FAT16,FAT32), exFAT, ext2/ext3, NTFS5, ReFS, NTFS, HFS+

EaseUS hard drive recovery tool can easily recover files that have been overwritten. However, we recommend that you download the software and try the trial version. If the software displays some successful ones, you need to purchase an EaseUS hard drive recovery software. The EaseUS trial version is able to display the files that are able to retrieve. So you can decide whether to buy the original or not. With these being said, here are the steps to recover overwrite files using EaseUS.


How To Recover Data With EaseUS File Recovery Software:

As a first step, you should download the EaseUS software. Then you should select the disk in which the overwritten file is stored. After selecting, you should click the button labeled “Scan”. Which will start searching for overwriting, lost and remove files on that disk.

Now you can see the quick scan process of EaseUS file recovery software. When the quick scan process is completed then EaseUS hard drive recovery software will automatically start the deep scan. This scan process will ensure you that it will find more files as compared to the quick scan.

When the deep scan is completed you can preview and select the files that you want to recover and then click on the recover button. It is best for you that recover and save all these files on another device.