Love embroidery? What kind of question is that, right? We all die for embroidered stuff. Girls, boys, teens, and adults everyone crave for the stuff with embellishments after-all, it is the hottest demand. Embroidery digitizing is the latest, much-demanded technique with a lot of skills. Embroidery is strong enough to transform boring stuff into total fun. Maybe you consider it simple but actually, embroidery demands a lot of tricks. Then, it directly means embroidery is prune to more mistakes. So what to do to avoid these mistakes? Let us discuss all those mistakes so that you can avoid doing them and come up with perfect designs.

  1. Not following the directions:

Embroidery is a game of thread and needle. It’s just these two things and your fabric can be transformed to either trash or a masterpiece. To make it a masterpiece, your selection of threads should be on point. If you choose wrong thread then the possibility is that you end up messing up things. But when it happens so? It happens when you do not bother to read the instructions well.

I suggest you to first grab all the details written on the embroidery kit before diving into this, especially if you are a newbie.

  1. Using the wrong fabric:

The factor which plays an important role in the best embroidery outcome is “fabric”. The beautification of the embroidery is directly proportional to the usage of good and fine fabric. Embroidery demands a firm foundation and smooth fabric. If your fabric placement is not firm or you are using coarse cloth then you are definitely doing it in a wrong manner. Don’t expect the best outcome.

To overcome this, use a firm foundation and good fabric.

  1. Using the wrong needle:

You must know how much important is a needle for embroidery. To get a good outcome it should be according to the demand. But, what is the demand? It is, to be of perfect size, neither too big nor too small. A big needle will make unnecessary holes in the fabric, giving it a pity look while a small needle is not even enough to sew. It will give a very fuzzy look to the patch.

So, better is to go for the middle way and use an appropriately sized needle.

  1. Using knot structures:

Although knots are used in embroidery but the good practice is to avoid them. This is because they give a very rough and unprofessional look to the completed design showing bumps everywhere. It will appear as if thread coming out from everywhere and you will end up hating wearing such designs.

The best practice is to use straight patterns and weave from a new spot rather than making knots in the previous line.

  1. Using the wrong thread:

A beautiful design is all about delicate embroidery. It is aesthetically pleasing to see fine threads and lines on a piece of cloth but a problem arises when we use wrong threads. Coarse and thick thread is often used to make bold patterns which are a wrong practice and it can end up in a messy design.

Rather, use a fine thread and over-do it to make bold patterns.

  1. Using poor quality thread:

Quality is the key to perfect embroidery digitizing. Not only, the cloth has to be of good quality but the thread too. We have seen many times that people use craft threads in expensive pieces which end up destroying the whole product with its faded colors. The color can bleed all over the fabric, resultantly destroying it.

So, try to use good quality thread.

These were some of the common mistakes that we normally ignore in embroidery but it demands our full attention. If we eliminate such mistakes then we are going to get beautiful masterpieces, for sure.